You’re Invited! 

To a Youth Group Family Night Scavenger Hunt!

On Sunday, February 21 we are inviting youth families to join us for socially distance dinner in the gym. After dinner, family groups will be driving around town for a Women’s Shelter Scavenger Hunt.

How our hunt will work - 

- Youth Families will be visiting neighbors to “collect” nonperishable items, that will later be donated to The Coastal Women’s Center. 
- Attached you’ll find a wish list from the Women’s Center of needed items that can help guide your hunt.
- Families are encouraged to “contact” a few close friends/family members/church members/neighbors prior to our hunt so everyone can be safe and prepared. 
- Families are asked to collect at least 10 items (they don’t have to all come from different homes), but are always welcome to gather more. (Last time we hunted, each family ended up with much more, thanks to our helpful congregation members)
- All items will be brought back to church and gathered there. There will be points given for specific items and “winners” will be announced at the end of the hunt. 

**Carpooling is welcome if that is something both families agree upon. 

Dinner starts at 5:30! Hunting will begin around 6:00.

Please RSVP with the number attending to by Wednesday, February 17 for dinner count.