Youth Employment Project October 2023

Did you hustle over summer break?

Tell us about your gig and you might just score some sweet extra cash!

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The Youth Employment Project is on a mission to hook students up with some amazing job shadowing gigs this October and November.

Who is Hiring?

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Firehouse Subs is opening a new location down in Derby, KS.

They are looking for customer-driven and hard-working individuals!

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Tip of the Month:

Read over the job description:

Reading the job description may seem like an obvious step but people frequently skip it. Even if you scanned the job description before you decided to apply, it is still a good idea to go back and read it a couple of more times to make sure you did not miss any details.

Employers typically receive hundreds of applications for a position. One of the most common methods they will use to narrow the applicant pool is to eliminate anyone who they think did not read the job description or requirements.

Many employers also use something known as an applicant tracking system (ATS). This is an automated system that can be fine-tuned to reject applications that are missing information or do not have the right keywords. Even though you may not be able to completely predict what the ATS is looking for, you can still advance your application in the system by making sure to include the correct information.

Scholarship Opportunities

Ge-Reagan Foundation Scholarship, click below to apply!

Career Exploration and Resources Round Up

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Whether you're looking for new career paths or just looking for inspiration, we'll meet you at your level, match your learning style, and get you started on your career exploration journey.
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