YEP Fall Semester Update

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about what Youth Engaged in Philanthropy has been doing so far throughout 2019-2020 cohort. This year, our cohort consists of 18 members and 3 mentors (Amanda Cole, Kathy Sawyer and Eric Swanson). Our cohort is very grateful to have such a diverse group this year coming five different schools in the area! Our influential mentors have also given us incredible guidance throughout these past seven months together!
Most recently, YEP has been keeping busy with the grant applicants of 2019. We received a total of 17 grant applications with a total of $40,010.76 requested! We are extremely fortunate to receive so many applications. The cohort has enjoyed spending a majority of the November and December meeting on deciding the nonprofits we want to grant money. Then we awaited approval of our final grant decisions from the IPCF board at their Dec. 19 meeting.
This year, our cohort prepared for the grant review meetings that took place in a few ways. 
L-R: Rylee del Carmen Camp, Devon Bishop and Camryn Reschke volunteer at Operation Santa.
Once all of the applications were submitted on Oct. 31, each member was able to access the  applications and look over each one.  This allowed for our discussions together to be efficient yet go into detail about each application YEP received. Furthermore, YEP had the opportunity to invite 2018 grant recipients to our October meeting. The guest speakers were from the following nonprofit organizations: Child Protection Network, Fostering Dignity, Jump for Joy,  TS Institute and Vespasian Warner Public Library. The cohort was  eager to hear from each  speaker and how the grant money had impacted every organization from the recipients' perspectives. YEP also was able to watch a video of the MDA 2018 summer camp!
One major thing that YEP focuses on is volunteer work and helping out our community. Three of our members, Camryn, Devan and Rylee, volunteered at Operation Santa. We have volunteered at Midwest Food Bank in which 10 members showed up. We also volunteered with The Forgotten Initiative on Dec. 13 at a local church.
Additionally, YEP has been working on making our time together during meetings more efficient! In doing so, the cohort has actively signed up for leadership roles present throughout every meeting prior to the next future meeting date. We also have several committees that now meet after every meeting to use our time to its maximum potential. Overall these improvements have made YEP stronger as a cohort.

L-R: Kathy Sawyer, Clare Blaney, Amanda Cole and Grant  Buelow attend the IPCF Celebrating Local Philanthropy Luncheon
We also work on our elevator speeches, and a great way to practice is in public. Two of our members, Clare and Grant, went to the IPCF Celebrating Local Philanthropy Luncheon on Nov. 14, and were able to share with people what YEP is and celebrate the Philanthropists of the Year.

We would also like to take the time to inform YEP supporters of a few exciting events coming in the future! Soon enough the grant recipients will be announced and celebrated at the 2020 grant recipient celebration this February! YEP is also trying to put together more dine to donate fundraising events to go along with our first one at Chipotle in October! If you would be interested, be on the lookout for information on these events. 

We are thankful for our supporters and appreciate all the support we receive! Finally, our Facebook page has many great posts multiple times a month regarding YEP! Like us on Facebook to stay updated if you wish to do so!

Respectfully submitted,

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