Dear Adult Leaders:

Two years ago I accepted the invitation from Bishop Mary Froiland to serve as your Synod Coordinator for the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering. At that point it seemed like this Gathering was so far away as I am sure it was for you when you began planning. Well, it's here! The Gathering begins one week from today. This will be my final email of reminders (hopefully). Once the Gathering begins the job of the 65 Synod Coordinators officially ends. It has been a pleasure to walk along side you and the youth of this synod to help you prepare. Thank you for accepting the invitation to make the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering a part of your ministry this summer.

Below are just four final reminders and then towards the end of this email you will find links to some of my previous emails from the past few weeks categorized so you may find any information you may need quickly as you make final preparations.
Hotel Final Payments
At this point please DO NOT send any checks to the hotels for final payment. Please be ready to pay your final bill by cash, credit or debit card at check-in. If you have not sent in any tax exemption information you may still do so or remember to bring it with you and provide it at arrival.
Gathering Webinar Archives
Over the six months you have had the opportunity to participate in many webinars revolving around every possible topic related to the Gathering. If you would like to review any of these (or watch for the first time) you may click on any of the links below. One that everyone should watch is the Safety & Security webinar for sure.

Dec. 14th- Synod Day  View webinar
Jan. 11th- Community Life  View webinar
Feb. 8th- Interactive Learning  View webinar
March 8th- Mass Gathering  View webinar
April 12th- Service Learning  View webinar
May 10th- Transportation  View webinar
May 31st- Safety and Security  View webinar

Gathering Social Media
While I know not all of you are on social media, but it is the way the Gathering communicates most because it is most effective to communicate with the masses. So if you can, be sure to follow social media, particularly the Gathering Facebook @ to stay on top of all the last minute details. #elcayg2018
A reminder that if your congregation is collecting books for The Gathering in-kind offering you may drop them off at Bethel Lutheran Church in Madison THIS SATURDAY from 10am-12pm to have them loaded for transport.
Synod Email Newsletter Archives
As a final aide, below you will find links to almost the emails I have sent over the past few weeks regarding the ELCA Youth Gathering categorized by what information is contained within. Should you need information on a particular topic, simply click on the link to view that email archive.

6/13/2018 – Adult Leader Training, Guidebook, Gathering App, Priority Pass, Daily Schedule, Amazon PrimePantry, Food, Entering/Exiting NRG Stadium, Blast off For Books, Interaction Center -

6/15/2018 - Making Final Payments (Note: Per the hotels, the deadline to mail payments in advance has past) -

6/11/2018 – Hotel Final Confirmations -

6/10/2018 – Final Gathering Confirmation Letters -

6/8/2018 – Sharing Our Story, Gathering Website Links -

5/31/2018 – Gathering Forms, Gathering Website Links, Helpful Wisdom -

5/25/2018 – Breakfast at the DoubleTree, Adult Leader Orientation, Gathering Transportation, Gathering Website Links -
I am available by phone and email through Sunday for any last minute questions or help, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Again, thank you for all you have done and will be doing as your youth experience God's amazing presence at the Youth Gathering. I wish you all safe travels and an AWESOME experience in Houston.

Jason Xiong
Synod Coordinator - 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering
South-Central Synod of Wisconsin
(608) 381-2861 - Cell
2018 ELCA Youth Gathering
"This Changes Everything"