Dear Adult Leaders:

It looks like daily emails this week are in order. :-) I wanted to address something that has come up when talking to a few of you. If you are considering mailing a check to pay for your final balance for your hotel please mail it ASAP. It is also recommended that you mail it in a way that is trackable.

I offer this advice because, as I have previously communicated, hotels expect full payment at ARRIVAL. This means if you mail a check and it does not arrive at the hotel in enough time you will still be responsible for paying at check-in regardless if you have a check cut and in the mail.

On the USPS website it notes that most first-class mail takes 4-5 days to reach it's destination if it is out-of-state. This means checks to the hotels should ideally be mailed by tomorrow to ensure it has enough time to arrive AND for the hotel to process the payment. Priority Mail from Wisconsin to Texas should take 2-3 days and is trackable. Priority Mail should be mailed ideally by Monday.

The hotel is not responsible if your payment by check does not arrive prior to your check-in so do everything you can to get your payment in very very soon.
As always, please let me know if you need help or have questions. I am available today by phone and then I will be out of town Friday-Monday. I will be available Tuesday-Friday next week; or you can send email anytime. However, please note that I will be in a remote area of Wisconsin this weekend and may not have access to email. :-)

Jason Xiong
Synod Coordinator - 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering
South-Central Synod of Wisconsin
(608) 381-2861 - Cell
2018 ELCA Youth Gathering
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