I ssue 117 - March 31, 2019
2019 First Quarter
Service Summary
Inspirational Note...
In 2017 a Satsang held in the divine presence at Rome, Italy. A devotee seeks guidance on organ transplantation.

And here is what Swami said:

The scriptures say, ‘Paropakarartham idam shareeram’, that is, the body has been given to serve. As long as one is alive, it is possible to use the faculties of the body and the mind, but once it is dead, the body is not functional, so it is difficult to serve. Still, if somebody carries the deep desire to serve in whatever way possible, there is nothing wrong with organ transplantation, as long as it is of some service to someone, and it is done without any compulsion, force or greed. Do you not donate blood when others need it? Blood is a part of your body, part of yourself. However, it should be done out of a sense of sacrifice, not greed or commerce. Therefore, for one who does it with a great sense of detachment and sacrifice, no karma will ensue and no interaction of karma will happen between the donor and the receiver. If it is done with force, compulsion or any kind of expectation, then the karma will also result accordingly.

Nature shows the best examples. In India and elsewhere, there is a type of banana known as the plantain. Every year, the plant grows and every year, the plant dies. Every part of the plantain plant is useful; the fruits, leaves and even the stems can be used as food. The plant does not think like that. It gives every part of itself to be of service.

Therefore, if it is done with a feeling of service and sacrifice, without any attachment and expectation, there is nothing wrong.

It is a great example of serving even if you are not there, after you have left the body. After all, you are without the body until the next birth. Let it be of use to someone else, if it can.
2019 Region 1
First Quarter Service Update
Singapore Seva Summary
January – March, 2019
The youth from Singapore have conducted various Seva activities starting from January until March of this year.
Youth from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, India and Thailand gathered together, packed their bags and headed for a three day service trip to Baan Unrak Children’s Home. Baan Unrak Foundation was established by Donata Dolci (Didi). Born and raised in Italy, she was commanded by her Guru to serve the rural areas by the borders of Thailand and Burma. In 1990, an abandoned wife came to her for help with her undernourished child. Since then she has raised more than 130 children, providing them with education, medical care, food and shelter. Her inspiring story encouraged the youth to come together and work with Didi for Baan Unrak. The youth were divided into groups. The first group was in charge of painting the grills and rooms for the children. Another group improved the gardens of Baan Unrak. Other youth helped the community living in Sangklaburi. They installed solar panels and brightened up the lives of these people.
Fiji Seva Summary
January – March, 2019
In January 2019, the youth had also been involved in collecting blood - “liquid love”. Working together with the Fiji National Blood Services Department from the Ministry of Health, they conducted a day long blood drive at Tappoocity Plaza in the heart of Suva and the western part of the islands at Sugar City.
Sai Prema Foundation has been working with Dilkusha Home to provide the needs of the children through medical and dental camps. They installed wall fans in the dormitory and have held annual Christmas parties for the last few years. In February 2019, initial medical camp was followed by free medical check-ups at the Sanjeevani Medical Centre. As many as 23 children and five staff members were given free general medical check-up by staff members of the Medical Centre along with assistance from volunteers.

The Seva was conducted in Navicula District School in Rural Tailevu, Fiji Islands. A lot of different health specialties joined the camp that day, including paediatrician, dentist, pharmacists, obstetrician, optometrist, lab technicians, senior physicians and general practitioners. Dr Maryanne Kora’ai, a paediatric doctor from CMW Hospital conducted an Echo screening for all children from 0-16 years, to detect any heart abnormalities. Out of 77 children who were screened, two were diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease and two were borderline cases of the same.
Pooja Sai Ashram Seva Summary
January – March, 2019
The Programme from Indonesia for January until March focuses on Bal Vikas education. In January, at the Pooja Sai Ashram, the youth coordinated a school holiday programme for the Bal Vikas students and the children in the surrounding areas near the Ashram . The programme started with Rudram prayers by the Bal Vikas children, they recited beautifully throughout the sessions. Bhajans were performed afterwards where the Bal Vikas children and youth also sung beautifully. Finally, a fire camp was held just outside the Ashram. Everyone was very excited to share their stories and have fun for the night!
One World One Sai
Malaysia Seva Summary
The youth of Sai Ananda visited nearly 50 abandoned grandmothers at Sincere Care Home, Kajang. Twice a month, meals will be prepared by the youth and served to the elders. Movies and games will also be organised for the elders who always look forward to an open heart-to-heart interactive session with the youth!
Narayana Seva is something that Swami emphasises the most. Feeding the needy is equivalent to feeding God. The youth of Sai Ananda are now serving nutritious and well-balanced breakfast to 50 needy children at a Government School every day. A special multi-nutrient drink is also prepared and served to the children. The total number of breakfasts served till date, March 31, 2019 is 1335.
Seva Summary from Australia
January – March, 2019
Youths from Australia have been involved in various Seva activities from earlier this year until this March.
Earlier this year, the youth from Perth and volunteers held their annual Christmas Party at Minnawarra House. As many as 40 children and their families were present. The spirit of Christmas spread as children were entertained with indoor and outdoor activities. On top of that, children got their much loved ice cream and an appearance from Santa Claus who distributed sweets and gifts.
In Melbourne, the Divine Mother and Child programme was held. In addition to medical services, Christmas lunch was provided. Fun games for children including face painting was also held. Children were delighted when Santa made an appearance and gave out Christmas presents!
Delivering Love and Happiness to Children at
an Orphanage in Thailand
Youth group conducted Christmas cards project. An artist and a poet put together special cards, what they called “Zencho (foresight) cards with messages and art work and the youth delivered them to the orphanage in Baan Unrak, Thailand. This project was initiated by the Asia Pacific youth conference held in Malaysia last year. These Japanese youth focused on creating special messages based on pure love which is intended to bring back light and dignity to each soul. They prayed that these cards deliver deep, pure love to the heart of children!
Christmas  Seva  at Elder Care Facility
at Sagamihara City
Japanese youth along with regular devotees conducted Christmas  Seva  on December 24, 2018 at Elder Care Facility in Sagamihara City. 16 enthusiastic devotees with unique skills such as singers, pianist, flute players, drummer, dancer and Santa Claus gathered to serve elderly people who are lonely and in need of heartwarming communication.

For this  Seva , they prepared Christmas gifts and handmade cards to be gifted to elderly people and staff of the facility, and practiced Christmas carols. As a Christmas gift, the youth selected small hand towels so the elderly people can use them in daily life.