I ssue 69 - April 29, 2018
2018 First Quarter
Service Summary
Inspirational Note...

Excerpts from Swami‘s Divine Discourse on April 19, 2018 in Muddenahalli:

“This body has been given for service to others. Other than service, if the body is being used for any other work, it is a waste of opportunity to be born as a human being. As long as there is life in us, we must continue and serve others in whatever possible ways we can.

The Seva that Swami started in a small way is now spreading to all parts of the world in so many continents and countries and is being carried out by very pure hearted devotees who are ready to sacrifice anything for Swami and to fulfill Swami’s command.

Every month there is some program or other because the devotees whom I have given work are continuously working without seeing time, without seeing days or dates. They’re ever constantly serving the people in their own countries. We must spend all of our time, energy, efforts in order to make somebody’s life better. Even a small Seva, even a kind act of speaking sweetly is also a good Seva which gives joy to others. Your look, your act, your speech, your thoughts…in every possible way you must try to have this attitude of being able to make others happy. If you make others happy, God will see to that you’re always happy. So this precious human birth should not be wasted away in the pursuit of paltry pleasures which give only temporary joy and happiness. They don’t give you the permanent, eternal bliss. Only serving others and helping others gives one permanent joy. Which, when one comes, stays for all the times to come.

This is all that I want from my children and my devotees…if we just bother about our food, sleep, comforts, our family, our people, then we are no better than animals. It is common to animals and human beings to worry about food, sleep, fear, procreation and having a family…this is common instincts to animals and human beings. But what makes human beings different is his ability to be concerned about others, to be able to serve others, to be able to make somebody else more happy and joyful.

Spend all your time whether Swami is here, Swami is anywhere. Truth is that Swami is ever present, He is in all places at all times, in all possible ways you can find Him. There is no place that Swami’s not there. It is a question of us trying to find Him. And, therefore find Him in the service of others. Find Him in the joy that you give others when you serve others.” 

2018 Region 1
First Quarter Service Update
Sri Sathya Sai Asia Pacific
Medical Outreach Programme
Nine youth from Singapore participated in the Sri Sathya Sai Asia Pacific Medical Outreach programme in Belaga from January 5 to 7, 2018. This is a monthly outreach programme organised by the Divine Will Society in Kuching. They were invited to participate in November last year, but could not do so as there were no direct flights to the area. Dearest Swami heard their prayers and a month later, AirAsia launched the first international route from Singapore to Bintulu, allowing them to participate!

Gift of Life and Health on Wheels
A monumental project of giving a “Gift of Life” free heart surgeries to the needy children of Fiji saving them over $1.3million. The Sai Prema Foundation Fiji facilitated a 10-member team from the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital in Raipur (A Paediatric Cardiac Super Speciality Hospital) in conjunction with Ministry of Health and Medical Services Fiji .Following divine directions, the team is back for a second time to conduct free heart surgeries once again to the underprivileged and needy children of Fiji in April 2018.
Providing free and quality medical care to the rural villages of Fiji on a monthly basis. As the name implies, Health on Wheels is about taking healthcare to those who are unable to access medical services because of their socio-economic situation. Many of us take for granted our relative ease at being able to go to a public health care facility or a private GP. However, there are many less privileged in Fiji who are not able to enjoy this. Health on Wheels is helping in that area of need. The Sai Prema Foundation takes a well-equipped medical team and a Mobile Hospital into the rural areas where we set up camp and encourage the entire community to take advantage of the free services available. We aim to conduct these Free medical Camps on a monthly basis in conjunction with Ministry of Health Fiji and with the help of volunteer doctors, nurses, triage staff, dentists, pharmacists, eye doctors, women’s doctors and other non-medical volunteers who have since inception just over a year ago, have registered and seen over 2,200 people in the interior villages of Viti Levu.

Medical and Annapoorna Seva
The youth of Pooja Sai Ashram continue their monthly Medical care under the guidance of the Divine Mother and Child Health Care programme. The seva is conducted at their own Ashram in Denpasar. The medical care aimed to provide general medical examinations for children and adults from around the Ashram and also members of the Ashram themselves. The youth from Pooja Sai Ashram conducted Annapoorna  Seva  for children in Bangli regency. In Bali many children do not have access to breakfast before school and through Swami’s grace, the youth managed to provide them with this simple but very important meal. Youth from Pooja Sai Ashram also conducted a medical camp for the elderly on March, 2018.
Monthly and Weekly Free Medical Camp
at Kuala Lumpur
The Sai Ananda Medicare unit have been organising monthly medical camps and weekly medical clinics to follow up on patients requiring medical attention, identified during the medical camps. During these medical camps, aside from attending to new medical cases, the Medical team has follow up clinics that focuses on management of lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, ischemic heart disease and obesity. High emphasis is given on lifestyle education, motivation and encouragement with love. In March, 2018 the youth of Singapore joined in during the medical camp to assist the Malaysian youths. It is truly a great sight when youth of two countries come together to do good work, especially when it's god’s work.
Medical Service
Divine Mother and Child Health Programme is being conducted in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia on a monthly basis by Australian youth under Health in Kind foundation.

Free weekly lunch and monthly Medical and Dental screening for students at Toogoolawa School in Queensland, Australia has been conducted since the beginning of 2018, following health education and awareness lessons last year. The school has now provided a permanent medical and dental room to Health in Kind. Medical staff from Health in Kind foundation, set up by the youth, volunteer their time to provide free healthy lunch every Thursday, followed by medical checks once a month to students at the school.

In Melbourne, Victoria, free medical and dental checks are conducted monthly for needy and refugee families. In Perth, Western Australia, free medical checks and food is provided to needy families every month.