Issue 123 - June 09, 2019
Inspirational Note...
In 2017 a Satsang held in the divine presence in Mexico. When asked about achieving unity.

Here is what Swami said:

Unity comes from understanding the truth. Your hands are different from your feet, which are different from your face, which is different from your stomach, which is different from your eyes. Still, none of these parts hurt the others. Instead, they all work in unity because they believe they belong to the same body. Similarly, only when you realize that you are part of a larger being, a larger thing, which is the society – your country – will unity follow. As long as you live in your narrow, selfish way, only worrying about yourself and your own things, unity will keep eluding you. Therefore, the solution lies in a spiritual and moral outlook, where you consider everyone as your own kin. Then there would be no reason for you to harm or hurt anyone else, when you believe in the unity of all, in order to help the country change faster. The outlook should thus change from one of diversity and multiplicity to one of unity. That change in outlook will come only when people want good things. For that, they will need guidance; hence, these Centers and these messages are extremely important for a better future for Mexicans.
Service Updates
An heartwarming moment for Annapoorna
Manasa, who was helped to find a shelter by Annapoorna volunteers, is all set to participate in the 2019 World Youth Open Bridge Championships!

Annapoorna volunteers found Manasa sleeping on the streets in Yeluvahalli and she was unfortunately found to be an orphan. Annapoorna volunteers helped Manasa find a shelter in an orphanage close by, in Vibhuthi Pura. It is a moment of great pride that Manasa will be participating in the 'under 16', '2019 World Youth Open Bridge Championships' to be held in Croatia in August.

Annapoorna wishes Manasa the very best for her performance at the 2019 World Youth Open Bridge Championships!
Oracle in Collaboration with
Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust
Oracle and Annapoorna have successfully completed 33 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events over the last two years in various Annapoorna Breakfast Seva Centers and Government Primary Schools in and around Bengaluru.

During these CSR events Oracle volunteers concentrated on Hygiene, Education, and Environment awareness for the students.

Annapoorna thanks Oracle for this collaboration and looks forward to many more!
Buttermilk Seva for the thirsty
Volunteers in Vishakapatnam have regularly been serving buttermilk to the parched throats in the arid summer. The buttermilk service is regularly conducted at Jail road in Vishakapatnam in the State of Andhra Pradesh.
Helping Children’s Enrollment
in Swami’s School
By Swami’s Grace, a few children from the Tubharahalli School got admission into Swami’s schools. In order to help the needy children’s families with the process, about four volunteers met at Tubharahalli School and worked with the Headmaster who had come during the holidays to issue Transfer Certificates.

The children were taken to a General Clinic and an Eye Hospital for the necessary checkups for the certificates. Furthermore, seven volunteers joined hands in the evening and sorted out the 40 or so items required for the children, and placed them into eight bags for each of the children selected for Swami's schools!
Middle East  Seva Report
When Swami beckons you, follow Him

Bhagawan has shown everyone the easiest path for self-realisation, which is selfless service to fellow beings. Swami keeps repeating that it is only through Seva and Sadhana can one attain the highest level of ‘oneness with the Divine’. All His actions paved the path to selfless service to mankind and urged all to follow this less traveled route!
Service to Car Cleaners in Malls
The youth of the Middle East recently found out that the people who clean cars in parking areas of malls are also those living with minimum facilities. They immediately extended a helping hand to this group of people and started distributing grocery kits, fruits and juices to them as well.
Ladies’ Camp Seva
At the Ladies’ Camp, the holy month of Ramadan was spent with the distribution of weekly rations such as dry spices and pickles to help manage their meals for their daily fasting. Computer classes were restarted upon the request of the laborer sisters who joined in with much enthusiasm!
Youth Seva
At the youth site, oranges were distributed to the laborer brothers who were working in the Middle East heat despite fasting. An additional offering of dates was also given to them in order to help keep their energies up.
Grateful for A Great Opportunity to Serve
As Swami always says, He knows what is best for each one of us! The best thing for us is to simply understand that Swami has a plan for each one of us and enjoy His Game! I am Santosh, a small instrument, immensely blessed by Bhagawan with His Infinite Mercy and Grace to be a part of His Grand Mission. 
To conclude, I thank Swami for providing me with this great opportunity to serve at His Holy Feet, which has really transformed me a lot. I pray to Bhagawan to guide me in every moment of my life as He has always done!