Issue 155 - December 15, 2019
Inspirational Note...
In 2016 one of the Satsangs held in the divine presence at Singapore. A devotee asked if parents should teach their young kids that they are God.

Here is what Swami said:

You must teach them that they are Divine, that their nature is Divine, that they are verily Embodiments of Divinity.

There is a great mother by the name Madalasa in India, who sings lullabies – not ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’ like these days, but with so much meaning: “Shuddhosi – you are the embodiment of purity; buddhosi – you are the embodiment of awareness; niranjanosi – you are the embodiment of all ananda, bliss; samsara maya parivarjitosi – you are the one who is unattached to this maya of samsara.” This is the way she would sing and she made yogis and thyaagis out of her children, not bhogis. That was her power, because she sang the same song to them one after the other. We must sing like that. By chance, if they turn back and say, “Okay, I am God, so you listen to me,” you do believe that they are God, right? Then listen to them. Otherwise, how will they have faith? If you say, “Yes, you are God, I will listen to you,” then they will say, “My father truly believes that I am God, so I must be God.” Small children, like wet clay, can be molded into any shape that you want. You can make an animal out of that clay or you can make a divine idol; it is up to you.

Is it over? If class is over, then I think I should give you a test now. I must know how well you have learnt, because you must pass. In your passing is My joy. All of you, whatever I have said, take it very seriously, take it sincerely and put in efforts. Don’t listen from one ear, and let it out from the other; it is not going to benefit you or anyone else. Think that whatever was in the past is over. ‘I am no more the same, I have come for this Satsang. I have heard Swami’s advice; I will take it seriously and follow it. So what if I fall a few times? If I don’t walk, I will never reach. Let me start walking. Even if I fall, it is okay, I will rise again and continue walking’.

Offer everything – thought, word and deed – to God and with that, you will be able to reach your destiny, which is Divinity. You are Divine and nobody needs to give you any proof. You are Divine, whether somebody acknowledges it or not. Why you don’t experience your Divinity is because there are too many things which are not so Divine in you. Get rid of them through discrimination and detachment and then what will remain is your pure Divine Self. That is how you can pass My exam. I will give you as much time as you want to pass. Not two or three hours; all I want is a sincere effort. I don’t want barrels of donkey’s milk – quantity; I just want a few men and women of quality. They are enough for Me to transform the entire world. Through you, I will transform others. Be such instruments of transformation, be instruments of Swami, be blessed to be a part of such a Divine Mission, and make every minute of your life worthy.
Service Updates
Serving Quality Food in Quantity
With Love in Italy
"Inspired by the Siddha Ganga Math programme, in which they feed the poor and hungry all the time, their kitchen is open 24 hours a day, it never closes, because they serve food to the hungry all the time... Inspired by their ideal of serving food to the needy, from this Birthday, Baba's 94th Birthday, we will start a new programme. We will give the opportunity to serve food all over the world, so that no one goes to sleep on an empty stomach. It is a pity that in times when the human being is able to go to the Moon, there is someone in the world who goes to sleep on an empty stomach.
Seva  in Kazakhstan
The participation in the inspiring 2019 World Youth Meet left the youth with so much love and joy that they wanted to share it with their fellow brothers and sisters in Kazakhstan. The transformational talks of speakers and youth put a great impact on their Seva group. The Seva activities which are accomplished by their sisters and brothers from around the world inspired them to do more Seva ! They learned that even one person can do so much! After a wonderful trip to Muddenahalli, the youth were inspired and waited for the meeting with their supporting families, who have become like their family. Their Seva activities unite all of them and they observe transformation within themselves.
Selfless Seva Trust Of Istanbul
Helping The Beings In Need, December 2019
The Selfless  Seva  Trust of Istanbul, Turkey, has continued to do  Seva  activities in the first week of December, 2019. Approximately 240 people were visited and provided with the following services:
On Mondays and Wednesdays, food was cooked regularly at the kitchen of the Trust and was delivered to several homes in need;
·       200 in Sisli Region
·       40 in Pendik Region
This month,  Narayana Seva  was initiated individually as per Swami’s dictum, ‘Let no one go to sleep hungry’. People now go out and put the effort to distribute food to any being in need.
My Journey as a Guest in This Life
This presentation is made possible thanks to Swami’s boundless grace;
I offer my love and gratitude to ‘yesterday’ which brought me up until today. What I would like to share with you is like a brief summary of my last 3 years in my journey of transformation. It was the 6th year of my joining to the Selfless Seva Trust, when our spiritual mentor Kaya called me to him one fine day.
As a person who has always been interested in healing, I was feeling that I was receiving healing and that a purification had started. After the youth meet was held in April in Assisi, Italy, we also started to gather once a month as youth. The profession I was given in this life was music and becoming a teacher through music. When I went through bad times, I had several questions about my profession. While people would generally see music for enjoyment and entertainment, I could not see music and especially becoming a teacher of it as a profession.