Issue 167 - March 08, 2020
Inspirational Note...
In 2016 one of the Satsangs held in the divine presence at México when a devotee asked how the people of Mexico can help in this Divine mission.
Here is what Swami said:
I continue to work for the sole purpose for which I have incarnated and will continue to do so forever. It is not about the building of educational institutions or health-care institutions; it is human transformation. The purpose of My incarnations is to help each and every person to realise their divinity, and I will not stop My work until each and every person on earth is transformed into their divine Self. 
How can you help Me? Become divine! Then, I have one less person to work on. If each one of you takes My word seriously and decides – not tomorrow or the day after, but today – ‘Now and from here on, I will live my life completely in accordance with Swami´s wish of divine living. I will give up all that is selfish, all that is not divine in me, and will make every effort to live every moment just as Swami lives,’ then you have already helped Me, by redeeming yourself. That is My main purpose.
Now, if that can happen by you doing japa, so be it. If it can happen by feeding the poor, so be it. If it can happen by educating deprived children or people, so be it. If it can happen by providing healthcare, so be it. Whatever the path, the goal is that of your own transformation. 
As Tigrett said, there are as many paths as there are people; there are as many journeys as there are people. Therefore, choose your path and see to it that, whatever time you spend, you spend in a divine way. Ask yourself every moment, ‘I am divine, I am God – that is what Swami says. Am I living according to that?’ If not, make amends and bring yourself back to living a life of divinity. Constantly remind yourself of your divinity; every thought, word and deed must be divine. 
If you do that, and if each one of you here start doing this to yourself, My work will be achieved faster. Become like candles. All of you, light yourselves first and then spread the light to others around you. By being divine and helping others to become divine, you can truly help Me.
Service Updates
Annapoorna Supports Additional 2500+ Children in Mahaboobnagar, Telangana
About 2,571 children across 16 schools in Telangana district's Mahaboobnagar will now be receiving nutritious breakfast through the flagship Annapoorna Breakfast Programme. Kudos to the team for constantly reaching out to more and more needy children!
SaiSure Multinutrient Protein Mix Launch in
Dehradun, Uttarakhand
SaiSure nutrition mix was served to 90 children in the Government School of Subhash Nagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Sumptuous breakfast was also served on the occasion of SaiSure nutrition mix launch. The project will be extended to four schools covering 270 children and will be run as a pilot project. The height, weight and haemoglobin of the children will be monitored. 
‘Share a Meal’ CSR by Oracle at 
Thubarahalli Breakfast Seva Centre, Bangalore
On the eve of Republic Day, Oracle had a CSR event in Thubarahalli Government School wherein Annapoorna volunteers served breakfast to the students. In this event Oracle volunteers had organised ‘Share a Meal’. Oracle and Annapoorna volunteers came together and offered a sumptuous lunch of Chole, Bhatura, Sabzi, Raita, and Rasgulla for approximately 200 students. The volunteers and students had a wonderful time together!
Edureka CSR Event at
Thubarahalli Breakfast Seva Centre, Bangalore
Edureka Company's CSR volunteers visited the Thubarahalli Government School in Bengaluru. The 300-student strength school is an Annapoorna beneficiary.

Edureka team donated story books and toys for the children. The company's Vice President's daughter, along with her friends, gave a facelift to the school by painting the walls of the school with wonderful art work!
FAI's CSR Event at Annapoorna Beneficiary Schools in Hyderabad
The 'First American India' (FAI) team visited various schools supported by Annapoorna Breakfast Programme in Hyderabad, as a part of their CSR initiative.

The team conducted group activities and celebrated birthdays with school children by distributing chocolates. They also interacted with the teachers and shared their ideas. The FAI CSR team has visited many Annapoorna breakfast beneficiary schools.

The team expressed their happiness for having interacted with the children and having served them with breakfast.

Annapoorna Breakfast Programme thanks First American India for their collaboration and looks forward to many more such CSR Events, to ensure no child goes to school hungry ever!
Oracle CSR Event in CV Raman Nagar
Breakfast Seva Centre, Bangalore
Around 10 Oracle volunteers in collaboration with Annapoorna volunteers from CV Raman Nagar Breakfast Seva Centre participated in this Oracle CSR event and interacted with approximately 50 students. The event started with outdoor sports with the students such as Cricket, Badminton, Kho Kho and so on. After that, the Oracle volunteers presented a General Awareness session for the students.
Medical Screenings in Assam
On the evening of February 20, 2020 - an inaugural session in Jorhat was attended by many Medical Officers and Well Wishers. Dr Kakoli Mazumder, Sri Subhajit Roy Mukherjee, Sri Tushar Kanti Roy Chowdhury and Smt. Dipanwita Mukherjee from Aarogya Vahini presented the concept and inspiration behind their work. Smt. Nandini Menon, the prime force of Aarogya Vahini’s Jorhat team presented the future programmes of the Vahini in Assam.
Seva In West Bengal And North East
  • Monitoring of NCDS
  • Telemedicine / Cardiac Surgery
  • 450+ cataract surgeries
  • Societal Transformation Through Compassionate Healthcare
  • Health Screening In  Jamshedpur Jharkhand
  • Robust Outreach Mobile Health Model
Seva in the Middle East
February 2020
Construction Site Seva

Heat of the desert regions is well known and to work tirelessly on construction sites in extreme conditions is very difficult. To serve such people, the youth from the Middle East region visited two construction sites to offer love and joy. This service has been organised at three construction sites. At one site, 320 workers are served, while in the other site, around 65 workers are served. The Seva at the third site is carried out entirely by an enthusiastic youth team.
Ladies Camp Seva
Women are the real architects of society and to empower and serve such noble women who help in the cleanliness of schools, malls and offices, women volunteers visit a ladies camp and serve them with tokens of love each weekend. In the month of February, around 70-80 workers were served with cooking oil, oats, biscuits or dishwashing liquid every weekend. While serving, the necessities of the ladies and their health were also taken into account. To relax and strengthen their muscles from the hard work they undergo, the volunteers also got a physiotherapy session for the ladies where they were taught right postures and exercises that could relax and strengthen their muscles and bones. Meditation and breathing exercises were also conducted for a healthy mind. Computer classes for interested candidates are also being undertaken every week.
One Meal A Day Program (OMAD)
One sees the hunger and suffering in the world and wishes to do something to make a difference. One looks at the numbers and notices that hundreds of millions are in need. This makes one face defeat even before one begins, wondering what difference can one individual with limited resources make. The “One Meal a Day” programme is a tool set up to discern from first-hand experience that every small effort collectively adds up to make a big difference.
Desert Seva
“Service to Man is Service to God” and serving each of the workers in nine camps in the desert is a live example of how each volunteer experiences a glint of divine bliss serving His men. 50 desert workers were served yet again and while serving, the youth do not just visit the workers and give them the grocery items; but the volunteers talk and interact with them so that the barren sands trumpet aloud the language of love.
Seeking Swami through Music
Music is the language of the soul and our young musician Sai Prabhav Kallepalli has become an expert in this métier through the strings of his guitar. Born to parents who know only of Swami and Service, young Prabhav has followed their footsteps. His mother Smt Srilalitha is a Carnatic singer dedicating her life to this art form and his father...
During yet another opportunity with the Divine, Swami addressed a lot of my personal problems I was going through at that time and promised that everything will be fine soon. He also commented that He knew that I had put in a lot of effort into the performance and had made fine associations with the rest of the group, and that is what made Him happy the most. This really resonated with me, as I am an introvert and it takes me time to interact and talk to people. Today, I like being with Sai Hrudayam family, doing Seva with my friends but what I cherish most and look forward to is to play the guitar for Swami. I seek Him through Music.