Issue 174 - April 26, 2020
Inspirational Note ...
By Sri Madhusudan

Equanimous like the Ocean         

After the seaside Ashram was inaugurated in Fiji, Swami called and spoke to the main Coordinator of the Ashram who had to face many a hurdles and listen to hurtful remarks in the process of building the Ashram, from those who thought otherwise.

Swami looked at the calm ocean from the large glass window of His room and gave him a precious piece of advise about the one who is into social service, “Look at the ocean, neither it swells nor shrinks even when so many rivers pour into it or when so much of water gets evaporated, likewise the one who is on the path of social service must not swell with pride when others praise, nor should he shrink with sorrow when others blame; he should remain equanimous like the ocean and accept both flowers and stones with equal attitude.”

As the young devotee pondered over the message, Swami said with a smile, “In fact, it’s always the stones that are pelted first and the flowers are showered only later. So if you are trying to good and getting blamed, you should be rest assured that you are on the right path.”
Service Updates
Argentine Youths Narayana Seva Activities
During the month of March 2020, the youth of Argentina served 1,222 people in four different cities: Buenos Aires, Escobar, La Plata and Moron. In spite of the restrictions of the country due to the current situation of COVID-19, the youth looked for alternatives to help people in need. In some cities, there was a total restriction on going out, so they have to stop for a time, hoping to continue after the restrictions are lifted.
The youth of Buenos Aires distributed food to the homeless in the first two weeks of March. After that, the government imposed a strict restriction to stay at home. They served 174 people and distributed fifteen school kits for children.
Canadian Newsletter April 2020 Edition
Seva Activities in Toronto
  • Homeless feeding in Greater Toronto Area
  • A daily activity that started in April 2020.
  • Includes Dinner for two (consisting of sandwiches with jam/marmalade, oatmeal cookies, milk, water, and Babybel cheese balls)
  • Also includes Breakfast and Lunch for two (Saturday/Sunday)
  • They will also provide essential hygiene items like toothbrushes and body soap every three weeks or as needed.
Edmonton Seva
Transformation – Ahthavan Thambiaiah
“Service has changed my life by helping me offer my services and time to get blessings in life. I have also been helping one of my friends find solace and peace within. I am trying to counsel and help my friend find salvation in how God has created everyone for a purpose and not to be worried about life. It gives me great pleasure to help my friend in finding the true, inner Divine Self”.