Issue 85 - August 19, 2018
Inspirational Note...
In 2016 one of the Satsangs held in the divine presence at Suffolk, UK. A devotee asked how one can experience the divine presence everywhere.

And here is what Swami said:

In Puttaparthi, you cut yourself off from all other talks, conversations and exchanges so, most of the time, your mind is free to think of Me. I am with you there –and, here, too. If you look to the east, you cannot see what is in the west. Similarly, if the mind shifts to the world, you will obviously lose focus on God. Cut down your connections, your relations, your conversations, just as when you are in Puttaparthi; it will help you focus on Me better and to feel My presence more often. I am always walking beside you, but if you look in the wrong direction, how will you feel My presence? Train your mind to continue behaving the way it behaves in Puttaparthi, wherever you go; then you will feel My presence all the time. It comes with practice.

Service Updates
Fires, Facebook Campaigns and Fundraising
Summary of youth Seva over the last month:

Youth in Cyprus:
  • Narayana Seva – 800 meals served to families and individuals in need
  • Allocated 1000 coupons to impoverished families, enabling them to acquire food from a local bakery.
  • In collaboration with another NGO, they raised funds and gathered clothing for the fire victims in Greece

Youth in Greece:
  • Initiated a successful Facebook campaign promoting the Nectar of Love Seva centre – as a result, almost 25 new youth members came to volunteer.
  • Received a large donation of 1700 pairs (approximately €65,000 in value) of flip flops from the international brand Havaianas.
  • Narayana Seva – 2,000 meals served to homeless Greeks. Furthermore, many clothes and slippers were distributed.
  • To the fire victims in Greece, the youth prepared, packaged and distributed boxes with food and basic relief items; they also gave some of them money.
  • Thanks to a Sai youth in Germany, large boxes of food, medical items and clothing were donated by companies in Germany to Nectar of Love (the NGO set up by the youth and elders).
  • Weekly Mantra and Veda study sessions, mainly for the youth.
  • To approximately 30 impoverished families scattered around Athens, the youth packaged and distributed boxes filled with dry food, cleaning products and basic household items. The youth are also giving them clothes.
  • During the Guru Poornima celebrations in India, the translation team offered the final Greek editions of “The Story Divine” by Madhusudan Naidu as well as the “Uvacha Series 3” at the Divine Lotus Feet.
Service And News Updates
European Youth Meet July 2018
Day One Homecoming

On Friday afternoon, youth from across Europe arrived in Rome for the European Youth Meeting at Casa del Divino, the Centre for Human Excellence located in the sacred town of Assisi.

Greeted by the Italian youth, they drove from the busy city directly to the heart of Italy, past fields of sunflowers and wheat. After a quick stop off at their hostel, they were joined by Sister Giovanna Negretto Cambiaso who accompanied them to the Ashram and would prove to be an invaluable ‘spiritual tour guide’ on their pilgrimage.
Day Two - The Pilgrim’S Path
The day began with Yoga and Meditation led by an Italian youth, Marianna Di Gregorio. It was held outside, in the partial shade of Mount Subasio where St. Francis had wondered just as the saints and mystics who preceded him. A light, fruit snack was shared before Sister Giovanna addressed the youth. As always, her delicate and joyful style captured our hearts and minds as she explained simply that we are casa del divino...
Day Three - Hands In Society
The youth collectively thanked Mr Ampellio and the Italian Service Team who made their experience so smooth and happy and were examples of selfless service. On this note, they enjoyed lunch before going up to Swami’s room for blessings and Prasadam . The youth took time to record their messages of love in Swami’s guestbook. With hearts and stomachs full, they offered Arati to Swami; returning first to Rome and quickly on to their respective countries in time for the work-week; to share the teachings of St. Francis and St. Clare by rendering service in the world they are so blessed to share!
Faith and Willpower

I suppose, to talk about my personal transformation, I have to analyse myself and understand the difference between how I was and how I am. I think it was Swami who started the process within me.
I was 13 the first time my mom told me about Swami and, from what I can remember, I have always believed in Him being the avatar and in the stories about the work He was doing. However, being a young teenager, I was not really listening to what my mom was telling me about Him, I had no desire to hear about it all.