Issue 200 - October 25, 2020
Master the Mind
Mind is the cause of bondage and liberation, and if one can master this mind, one can become not just a mastermind but the master Himself, says Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai. In this series of talks, ‘Master the Mind’, primarily given to the Ashram residents of Sathya Sai Grama, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai guides us step by step, to take up a 30 day sadhana to understand, analyse, master and finally merge the mind into the divine self.
Inspirational Note...
By Sri Madhusudan Sai

I am, because you are

The devotees from Kerala had started trickling in to the Ashram, a day before the festival Onam. An eager Swami called one of the Ashram volunteers to inquire about the welfare of the devotees, their stay and food.

It was during this brief conversation that Swami began to speak a bit about the mythology of Onam and the legend of Bali Chakravarthi, who once ruled the land, but offered his all to the Lord in charity, and accepted a humble dwelling in the nether worlds, with the special privilege to visit his folks every Onam day.

Well this is the common story told which I also knew, but then Swami gave a beautiful insight in to the significance of this story which left me spell bound.

Swami said, "It was not to punish the King Bali Chakravarthi at the request of a worried Indra who feared the loss of his throne of the heaven, but to demonstrate the devotion and surrender of King Bali Chakravarthi to all, Lord Vishnu incarnated as the dwarf Vamana Swaroopa. Similarly, even today to demonstrate the devotion and surrender of My devotees, I have assumed the Sookshma Swaroopa (Subtle form). Today, a handful of devotees are doing so much of Swami's work due to their immense devotion, selfless sacrifice and absolute surrender. In order to let the whole world know about such devoted people, I have taken this form now!"

Who could have given this perspective other than the Lord Himself, who is the divine director of this cosmic drama? Yet the Lord of the Universe, at the end of it all, humbles Himself like the little Vamana, and gives all the credit to His devotees like the great King Bali.

Just a few days ago in Russia, Swami spoke to the simple devotees and said, "God was, devotees were. Devotees are, God is. I am, because you are."
Service Updates
Argentine Youth Activities
During September, 2020, the youth of three different parts of Argentina distributed food for 1,940 people. The groups which are able to continue providing food to the needy have given a great relief of food and clean items to more people. The relief packages were distributed in three cities: Córdoba, La Plata and Iguazú.

They distributed the packages every Friday to the families of four dining rooms, and two poor neighbourhoods. They served around 1,490 people.

The youth of Cordoba distributed hot meals to the homeless around their homes. They serve on the weekends and they distributed 250 meals during July, 2020.
The Youth of Iguazú prepared hot meals and distributed them to the people of a poor neighbourhood every Saturday. They served around 250 people.
Narayana Seva Report - São Paulo, Brazil
September / October 2020
Between September and Mid-October 2020, the youth have contributed 463 meals in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since the return of their Seva in May, 2020 the youth have already distributed 1,077 meals.

On the most auspicious day marking the beginning of Dussehra on October 17, 2020, the youth had a beautiful chance of participating in a big movement in Sao Paulo to raise awareness on hunger and food wastage. An open air "restaurant" was set for the homeless people in front of the largest food and basic needs distribution centre in the city!
Canadian Newsletter
October 2020 Edition
Seva Activities in Toronto

  • Feed the World Initiative
  • Sikh Seva Society
  • Christi Ossington Neighbourhood Centre
  • The Toronto youth participate in ceiling on desires (COD) and send the saved amount to educate girls in Swami’s institutions.
  • Other Seva activities will resume only when the COVID-19 restrictions ease up.
Seva Activities in Alberta
The youths of Edmonton continued their Seva activities and served fresh coffee and muffins to their needy friends in Downtown Edmonton.

All necessary precautions were taken during the food distribution.
Youth Satsang and Updates
Region 4 Young Adults’
Master the Mind Initiative
In November 2019, Sadguru Madhusudhan Sai encouraged the young adults of Region 4 which comprises the countries of North and South America, to meet more regularly, perhaps monthly, if possible. The pace of His mission has continued to increase and along with it, so has the willingness of His youth to respond to the call, primarily through selfless service activities. The Divine Master, always willing to do what is necessary and beneficial for His children at the appropriate time, delivered the beautiful Geetha Gyana Yagna discourses and followed them, unexpectedly, with the seemingly novel and brilliant Master the Mind series. With a slight twinge of trepidation, the Region 4 youth began to wonder whether they could implement an additional set of practices to their regular sadhana activities.