Issue 128 - June 16, 2019
Inspirational Note...
In 2016 a Satsang held in the divine presence in California, USA. When asked about if God is there with us, why we have problems in our lives.

Here is what Swami said:

Who said that if God is there with you, you will have no problems? In fact, problems lead you towards God! Those who have problems, constantly think of God and then God finds ways to keep their minds occupied with His divine leelas so that they do not have to think too much about their problems. Kunti, the great mother of the Pandavas, was asked by Lord Krishna, “You have suffered much in your life, what can I give you? What do you want from Me?” and she replied, “Give me more problems because only when there are problems do I sincerely pray to You and think of You. When the problems disappear, my devotion also diminishes. When I have problems, I totally depend on You.”

That is why she has problems and yet has God by her side! The problems have driven her to think of God all the time, so much so, that she does not even consider them her problems; she has no time to think of the problems because she is always thinking of God. It is also a leela of God to explain it.

When a child is hurt in a fall and cries, the parents entertain the child with many things to take its mind off the pain and, after playing with the toys, the child forgets for a while that it is suffering – until it is reminded again. Similarly, all such leelas keep those devotees busy thinking of Me and keep their mind off the problems that they are undergoing. That is how they can still cope with the problems; with God as their anaesthesia, preventing them from feeling the pain or suffering, even though they have to go through the unavoidable surgery.
Service Updates
German Youth Retreat
Atmaseva Home for the Elderly, Hohenprießnitz
May 31 – June 2, 2019
The first German Atmaseva Youth Retreat was an event of great synchronicity waiting to happen at the perfect time! The sunny and warm weekend of the retreat came at the end of an unusually rainy and cold May and it truly felt like a blessing. Bringing together individuals (eight youth and five adults, as well as residents of Atmaseva Home) from every walk of life, binding them to unite in collective gratitude for the transformative love of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, was the essence of the retreat! 
Hills of Love
During July 2018, for the first time in the history of Europe, the largest Vedic celebration, Ati Rudra Maha Yajña was held for 11 days in Krnjak, Croatia. It was attended by 121 ritviks (priests) from Europe and USA, as well as 22 priests from India. Ati Rudra Mahā Yajña is the ultimate spiritual offering for world peace that entails chanting of the Śrī Rudram 14,641 times as contemplation (japa), unification (abhiṣeka), and 1,465 times as sacred offering and symbolic loss of identification (homa).
Seva in Poland
May 2019
  1. The Association has started the programme GROWING TO BE GOD. In May 2019, four meetings were held every Sunday...
  2. The Association has started to cooperate with the Warsaw Seva Association (WSA), which has been feeding homeless people five times a week for two years now.
  3. The Association, together with Warsaw Seva Association, has organised a collection of sweets for children in a child care home in Warsaw on the occasion of Children's Day.
  4. The Association conducts ongoing workshops and lectures for many different groups, depending on the level of their awareness.
  5. The Uvacha, Volume 4 is currently being translated. Also, the Divine Story, Part One, as well as the first part of Message are being translated.
  6. Every day, as sādhāna, some people from the group are using their knowledge to make a transfer of Divine Energy to people who ask for help.
Seva in Kazakhstan
For the past two months, the group of volunteers in Almaty has been involved in Seva activities, by helping single-parent families with more than two children. All of them were provided with food, baby products and other necessities.

Every time they visit their Sai families, the volunteers are filled with the pure Love that flows from the families’ hearts, making the volunteers more compassionate! The families are always eagerly waiting to share their adoration and smile, which gives the volunteers courage to move ahead.  
In Search of True Love
I was always inquiring in my mind how love should be conveyed. This questioning increased more and more when I turned 17. People’s behavior towards me seemed to be deprived of love in every sense: whether it is the way they would speak to me, or how they would treat me... I was wondering why there was an obvious obstacle between us, or why I was unable to receive the same love I was showing them in abundance. 
I met Mr. Kaya Günata, the founder of the Turkish Sai Movement. It was exactly the kind of place I had searched for. I feel myself to be very lucky. I am no longer alone. We are all aware of the impression Sai Baba leaves on people and all beings. This is why my story will stop here.