Issue 210 - January 03, 2021
Divine New Year Message
A new year is an opportunity in time to introspect and improve. A new year would mean nothing if the bygone year has not taught one how to grow and evolve as better human beings, and how not to repeat the mistakes of the past, but instead learn from them and improve. It’s also an occasion to resolve and rededicate one self to the very goal of human life, which is to transform from human to divine.

The moment in time when the calendar changes from an old year to a new one, in that very moment, lies the secret of success, which is to learn from the past, live in the present, and look forward to the future with enthusiasm to do better than before.

May the new year bring you closer to your true divine selves.

Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai
January 01, 2021
Editor's Note
Sairam dear brothers and sisters, As we usher in a brand new year, let us constantly remember ‘As one thinks, so one becomes’, a popular proverbial saying. Like Swami often says, “Gold you are, gold you become; dust you are, dust you become.” Especially in the last few months, Swami has been stressing on this great truth. So, the constant remembrance that we are divine and not human, will certainly help us inch closer to our true divine selves. May we all constantly remember and be mindful of this great truth at all times.

Happy New Year!
Bhuvana Santhanam
ātmano mokshārtam
(Emancipation of one’s self)
“Timeliness, though it might sound like conveying the message at the right time, is more than that. Timeliness also means taking the time to respond and not react. Most of the times, we react to a situation, but Baba teaches us to respond. He tells us to drop aggression and adopt assertion as the way to put forth one’s point. He leads by example, which I have witnessed in so many cases; when a mistake is made by someone, He corrects them not by reprimanding, but by advising them as to how they could improve and avoid repeating the mistake. He says, when done for the first time, it is not a mistake but when it is repeated, it becomes a mistake.”

- Excerpt from the book ‘God Management’ by Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai.
My Story
Anger Management
- Sai Manohar (Engineer - Gadag Campus)

Anger is an emotion that we all have, and experience almost every day in our lives. Swami says, “Uncontrolled anger is dangerous to oneself, and to others also.” Being an Engineer by profession, it was not easy for me to follow this teaching of Swami, as I would directly handle workers and exhibiting this emotion of anger was part of getting the job done at construction sites.

During one of the sessions of the ‘Master the Mind’ series, Swami was explaining about the vagaries of the mind. He said, “Whenever the mind thinks or wants to do something that is different from our true self, withdraw and observe it. Remind yourself that you are not the body, not the mind, but the atman”. I thought about this deeply, and would like to share one incident where this teaching came handy.

We had one worker in our campus who was a difficult personality, and I would get angry with him very frequently. One day, it was brought to my notice that this person was not discharging his duties properly, yet again. I enquired why he behaved in such a way; I wanted to know the reason. When we started conversing, he put forth many reasons which I felt were mere excuses to escape work. I sensed a sudden surge of anger within me, but I did not react or speak to him, as Swami’s words came gushing to my mind. I told him to meet me again after 15 minutes, while I left the place, calmed myself down and logically thought about the best way to handle the situation. What was I going to tell him when he would return? How was I going to deal with his lackadaisical attitude? After thinking for a bit, I decided to consult my seniors, as I realised possibly a brain storming would help. It was decided that the person should be reprimanded for his careless disposition.

Upon analysing myself after the entire episode, I realised a certain calmness had overtaken me the moment I remembered Swami’s words and thus, I was able to act, and not react. I remembered that we are all part of the same supreme consciousness.

Many times we react at the heat of the moment. Swami often reminds us that before we do something, during the work and after the completion of the work, our state of mind must be the same. No excitement about the work, anxiousness about the outcome, nor an elated state upon the successful completion or favorable result is appropriate. The ‘samatvam’ or state of mental equipoise is what I am slowly learning and practicing every day.
Self Development
To help reach Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s human values-based education to the world, and to resuscitate the humanness of humanity, the Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence launched a unique, first-of-its-kind Institute of Human Values, to offer tailor-made courses totally free of any charges, curated by experts from around the world. The Vision of the Institute is to make better humans in their personal and professional spheres, by making them more sensitive towards society’s needs and exploring ways of their contribution to society in a meaningful and selfless manner, thereby creating a sense of global citizenship and responsibility.

The courses will help an individual balance the inside and outside, while progressively being a better human being, that will ultimately help him or her unravel the true meaning and purpose in life.

Learning from the heart is spiritual awakening, Baba would say. The Institute of Human Values is the first step to help lead the world into the beautiful awareness of its heart – a heart that operates from the universal human values of Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa.

Log on to today!
Kathopanishad is a legendary story of a brave little boy, Nachiketa, son of Sage Vajasravasa, who meets Yama (the Hindu deity of death), and seeks spiritual wisdom from him.

Their conversation evolves to a discussion of the nature of man, knowledge, Atman (Soul, Self) and Moksha (liberation).

The Atman (Self) is the pure consciousness which can be known only through relentless perseverance. One must divert the mind from its obsession with its natural habitat, the objective world, and maintain it in a state of unwavering equanimity. This triumph alone can remove one’s grief, once for all! The feeling that you (the Jivi) are separate from that ‘One’ (the Atman) is the root cause of the cycle of birth and death.

Initially, Yama tested the sincerity and determination of Nachiketa by refusing and denying answering, by luring him with the riches of the world and distracting him with sensual pleasures. But Nachiketa, being a true aspirant on the spiritual path, discriminated between 'sreyas' (the good) and 'preyas' (the pleasant) remained unmoved and pined only to know the truth. Thus, he earned the deservedness to attain the supreme knowledge, Bramhajnana from Yamadeva himself. Anyone who perseveres like Nachiketa is guaranteed to attain and experience Brahman.

Under the guidance of our Divine Master, let us learn these profound teachings of Vedanta and follow Him in the path of Self Realisation.
“There is nothing outside of yourself. Look within. Everything you want is there. You are that.”

- Rumi
jagat hitāya
(Welfare of the World)
7,000 People Assisted In Cyclone
Ravaged Parts Of Fiji
7,000 people were assisted with food and basic needs in the cyclone-ravaged areas of Fiji through a humble effort by Sai Prema Foundation Fiji in conjunction with Laxmi Narayan Temple and Hanuman Chalisa Pariwar.
The distribution effort was planned in conjunction with the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO); the United Nations Office; Minister for Defence, National Security and Policing, Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management, Hon. Inia Seruiratu and Assistant Minister for Disaster Management, Rural and Maritime Development, Hon. Vijay Nath.