Issue 15 - March 18, 2018
Inspirational Note...
In one of the Satsangs held in the divine presence in July 2015, a devotee asked if there is a chance to see Swami in the Subtle form or should one develop the method of inner communication. Here is some of what Swami replied :
It is only that the intensity of your desire to be with God is less and being with the world is more. Therefore, what you desire is what you get; that is the Law of Nature. If you want the world, you will get the world. If you want God, you will get God. The reason you don’t get God is that you still don’t want Him enough. Once your intensity is greater, I will definitely manifest. The only way to reach Me is through absolutely pure love and service. If that is not there, all the other things that you try will be like efforts which are not good enough. If you yearn for Me with that kind of hunger, that kind of thirst – like a drowning man yearns for breath – I will manifest.

Don’t think that this is something to pass your time with. You pray to God and God should appear; then you ask a few questions and then God should disappear. Then you pray again, and He appears. This should become a way of life. It is not part-time devotion; it should be a full-time effort to be in the presence of God, to feel God with you everywhere. Not only during times of difficulties, but in all times, if you pray so intensely, only to have God with you, and not to seek things from God, God will come to you. Those who ask Me for wealth, I give wealth; those who ask Me for name, I give them name; those who ask for family, I give family; those who ask Me for Myself, I give Myself. It is you who has to decide what you want. If you want nothing but only Me, I will definitely come to you.
Service Updates
A Seva for the Earth 
On the first Sunday of every month the youth organize the Seva “Gite con Alchimia” (Trips with Alchimia). This month they chose to start a project for environmental awareness which was written in India during the World Youth Meet 2017 and was inspired by Mrs. Karuna Gopal’s workshop. They shared it with disabled people and on March 4, 2018 organised a visit to the exhibition about dinosaurs...
45 Days of Commemorating,
Chanting and Distributing Love
Summary of the youth Seva over the last 45 days:

  • Vibrant event at Nectar of Love commemorating 70 years since the death of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Published a small book on the life and human values that Mahatma Gandhi spread around the world. 
  • Bought, packaged and distributed 35 boxes filled with dry food, cleaning products and other basic household goods to families in need
  • Began weekly classes of Vedas & Mantras on Wednesdays before Narayana Seva for new members interested in learning the Vedas. 
  • Began contacting companies for donations of food and other goods
  • Cooked, packaged and distributed food (Narayana Seva) to approx. 4,000 people 
  • New updates to the website; available in English
  • Youth translated and published Divine Booklets of UK (2015), Italy (2015), Brazil (2017), Spain (2016) and Russia (2017).

Serving with Love and a Smile
Offering my loving Pranams at the Lotus Feet of our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, I would like to share a story of my transformation that is constantly on going. Last year I found myself wanting to help those less fortunate by distributing food.
From then on I have been trying to serve everyone I meet as Swami. Sometimes I forget, but I bring my attention back to seeing Him in all and serve them as if I was serving Him.