Issue 140 - September 08, 2019
Inspirational Note...

During a Satsang held in the divine presence in London, UK 2016. A devotee asked what can one do to avert calamities,

Here is what Swami said:

You cannot do much physically, but you can always pray for peace. Prayers have a lot of power. However, the process of creation and destruction is a natural law. As the seasons pass, some survive and some have to die. You cannot all fit into the new season. Similarly, when the times are changing, those who do not fit into the Divine Consciousness will perish some way or the other. It could be a war, it could be a suicide or it could be a natural disaster. Some way or the other, nature will find a way to balance itself. That is a natural law. Results may be different, but the purpose for which it is happening is the same.
Service Updates

Breakfast for Siddipet and Munipalli Government School Children

Annapoorna Trust commenced the free Annapoorna breakfast programme for the Government School children at Siddipet District in the state of Telangana. MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly), Sri Harish Rao inaugurated the breakfast programme. Annapoorna thanked Sri Harish Rao for taking time to join in the occasion!
Also, the Government School going children of Munipalli in Nizamabad District in Telangana will be receiving nutritious Annapoorna breakfast! 

Regional press published (in Telugu) about the inauguration of Breakfast program

Serving Food for the
Flood-Affected in Hubbali

The Annapoorna team of volunteers from Hubbali served food to the flood-affected victims in Old Hubli. The team prepared and packed Pulav, Puliyogare (Tamarind rice) and Chitranna (Lemon rice) to serve the people suffering due to the floods.

The Corporator of the area, Mr. Basheer Godmal helped the team identify the most affected houses. Prior to this, the Annapoorna team conducted a survey in the morning and found that the residents of the area could not cook for themselves and were in a helpless situation. Immediately, the team jumped into action, as mentioned above, to help more than 330 people.

CSR Activity in Bengaluru

Annapoorna volunteers and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) volunteers from the MNC (Multi National Corporation) Oracle collaborated for a CSR event in Kowdenahalli Government School in Ramamurthynagar in Bengaluru. The team distributed school bags and hygiene kits and engaged the children in educational sessions followed by a session of games!

Independence Day Celebrations at
Sullikunte Government School

Annapoorna’s volunteer sister Niharika and her friends celebrated this year’s Indian Independence Day with the Sullikunte Government School children at Bengaluru. The team distributed 75 school bags, notebooks and sweets to the children on this occasion!

Flood Relief Activities

The month of August, unfortunately, saw incessant floods in various states in India, especially in Karnataka and Kerala. Annapoorna and One Nation Youth worked together to help the flood-afflicted people in various parts of North Karnataka, providing the families with immediate necessities and stocks. Similarly, the Annapoorna volunteers from Kerala swung into action to help many families suffering from floods by providing relief materials.

Middle East Seva – August 2019

Construction Site Seva

The youths were seen continuing their Seva of visiting the construction site labourers every weekend without fail to distribute Buttermilk, Juice, Raw vegetables, Rice, Dal and so on. This act of Seva , in the young minds of these youths, has imbibed the lesson of feeling for others!

Youth Serving Fruits

To support the need for basic nutrition for the labourer community, the youth of the region distribute bananas weekly to their brothers during their mid-day breaks to help keep their energy up during this peak summer-time. This visit is always anticipated by the workers who always come back for more.

Desert Seva

In the month of June, the youth had initiated a new Seva in the deserts of the Middle East. They had visited caretakers of different camel farms who lead a lonely life in the desert area. A follow-up visit was done last month to meet those less fortunate and to spend some quality time with them.

Compassion Beyond Boundaries
August 2019 Seva in Sri Lanka

During the month of Lord Krishna’s birth, the youth found themselves blessed with an opportunity to feed several expecting cows. In the evening, the cows would often wait patiently near the area where the food was distributed, in hopes of another day filled with delicious treats. They were fed freshly picked fruits and other items of food as well as given a bucket of water to quench their thirst. To the delight of the youth, the bucket of water kept outside was also utilised by other animals.


Story of a Teacher and Her Students

If we take one step, even a selfless thought for the welfare of others; God will open a hundred doors for the selfless thought to fructify! Not only that, He recognises the same!

To celebrate the wonderful occasion of “Teachers’ Day” (celebrated on September 5th in India), it is felt that it would be a great...

It is very exciting to share that Padmaja was selected as the Best Teacher of Vishakapatnam District for the current year. Her school’s Independence Day celebrations has been adjudged the best in the district this year, demonstrating her love and commitment to all the activities happening in her school.

Truly, Padmaja is a role model and a teacher who has not only brought about transformation in herself, but has helped transformation happen in all the children studying in her school!