Issue 87 - September 02, 2018
Inspirational Note...
In 2015 one of the Satsangs held in the divine presence at Fiji. A devotee asked how to achieve interfaith harmony.

And here is what Swami said:

If you love, you will be loved; if you trust, you will be trusted. Therefore, it has to begin with you first, for nothing should stop you from going and participating in others’ joy; in going and helping when they need you; in going and loving them when they require your love. You begin the movement – to light a thousand lamps, first, one lamp has to be lit.

Have a deeper understanding of what I teach: ‘Love is the only religion’, ‘There is only one religion, the religion of love’. Take the first step and God will take a hundred steps. You begin, participate in their festivals, share their joy; help them selflessly and, after some time, they will learn from your conduct and everybody will change. Love alone can cure the problem of all such differences. If you love selflessly, everything will be solved. Whether you put sugar or salt into water, both are dissolved. In the same way, whether you give hatred or love, everything will be dissolved in love and it will become love. You begin and things will change.
 Service Updates
Food for School Children
More than 100 students plus staff are fed weekly lunch by volunteers from Health in Kind, a volunteer organisation set up by Australian youth; in addition to receiving medical checks. The volunteers cook and serve wholesome meals and fruits to the children and staff at the school.
Children helping in food service
Divine Mother and Child Service, Victoria, Australia - Start of a Second Location
On Saturday, August 18, 2018, in addition to the Divine Mother and Child Service Program provided in Melbourne, another location identified as a needy area has been chosen in the east of Melbourne and service was started by Health in Kind volunteers. Families received medical screenings. Kids’ activities and food was organised by volunteers who also assisted with reaching out to families and helping them with necessities like groceries, pharmaceutical products and also children’s gifts. Ongoing support will be provided to families.
Health on Wheels and Sai Annapoorna Service 
by Sai Prema Foundation, Fiji
On a beautiful Saturday morning, members representing Health on Wheels and Sai Annapoorna team, both key projects of Sai Prema Foundation, Fiji, arrived at HART Home in Valelevu, part of Nasinu, Fiji, for a mini Medical Camp and lunch food service. HART Home is a rest home for the elderly and the destitute. It is located around half an hour’s drive from the central City of Suva. The Health on Wheels team had previously visited the HART Home late last year, so this was a follow-up visit to see how the elderly residents were faring.
Pooja Sai Ashram Medical Care in Bali
On the July 27, 2018, members and youth of the Pooja Sai Ashram continued their monthly medical care to one of the many remote places in Bali. This month the event was held at Kedisan Village, Kintamani, a region located deep in the centre of Bali. The aim of the Seva was to provide basic medical care and conduct general screening of the elder population in Kedisan. Many elderly people still have difficulty obtaining medical care.
Satsang and News Updates
Third Asia Pacific Youth Meet, 2018
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Then came August 3, 2018, the date which marked the Third Asia Pacific Youth Meet (APYM), which was the main highlight of this Divine Visit. The theme given by Swami was ‘Unity in Youth – youth for youth, how can one youth help another youth’.
The day began with an opening speech by the chairman of Sai Ananda, Brother Ravi Nayar who welcomed all youth delegates from Region One. It was followed by a speech by Sister Bhuvana Santhanam who shared a letter written lovingly by Swami Himself, addressing all youth. In that letter, Swami emphasised the significance of time. Swami quoted that time is the only wealth for youth at this tender age.
Let it Happen as Per Your Will
My journey with Swami started 14 years ago when my family made our first trip to Puttaparthi during Diwali. On one of the days, as we were sitting for Darshan , waiting for our beloved Lord to arrive...
Today, when I look back at those 40 days, I am grateful to Swami for it. He taught me the true meaning of surrender, which is to live and work every day for God. If not for those 40 days, I don’t know where i will be standing today. Thank you Swami!