Issue 16 - April 15, 2018
Inspirational Note...
In 2016 in a Satsang held in California, USA, a devotee asked Swami, “Can you please give us what You have really come for?” The devotee also asked if it is practical or only “theoretical preaching” to achieve self-realization. Here is what Swami said:
 “I have come,” as you put it. I have not come; I have not gone. I have always been here and I am here and always will be here. Nevertheless, you have come to know of Me and the reason for that is that you are to become like Me. The only purpose for God descending to the physical, human level, is to help mankind ascend to the level of God. I have come here to make you like Me; to remove everything in you which is not Me, so that what remains is only Me. This is the ultimate purpose of all Avatars, all messiahs, all gurus, all masters, of all faiths – to help a person to become his or her divine Self, to remove everything that is not divine. That is why I have come and it is what I am doing continuously. Self-realization is not a theory. Self-realization is the most practical thing. Everything else may be a theory; in fact, the whole world is just theory, just imagination; it is just a projection, just an illusion – whereas, Self-realization is real, it is true.
Has it been possible for people to be realized souls? It definitely has; there are people who have benefited from following and attaining what I wanted them to attain and that is how they have become true reflections of Myself. They are in university, you are in high school – so you do not get to see them and they do not get to see you – but, one day, you will also develop and reach where they are and you will share their company. I am not just here. I am not just Sathya Sai Baba. I am ‘Being-ness’ – absolute truth and consciousness – the Indweller of all people. I am the one who has taught people in countless ways, through many yugas and helped them become their true Self.
Service Updates
“Lovingly Guided” Visit around Rome
Two months ago, Rome youth found out about the volunteering association “Liberi Nantes”, that 10 years ago created a football team for African migrants, thanks to Facebook “suggested events” around Rome. These guys regularly play matches, a sort of championship, and they’re first, even if they don’t officially have points.
This kind of multi-ethnic project not only destroys divisional barriers of humans, but creates a “Garden of Colours” (Humanity) where the field (World) is one and water (Universal Love) arrives from only one source that doesn’t forget a single plant.
The Beauty of Seva
It was a wonderful month indeed, as the Divine Avatar visited Greece and showered love and guidance on everyone. The youth continued their usual Seva activities up to the week that Swami arrived.

Over the last month, a team of youth went to many houses where families are living below the poverty line in order to distribute boxes filled with love: dry food, cleaning products, basic household items and more. It was especially interesting because this time several new youth members joined. For them, it was an eye-opening experience: their hearts were touched by the warmth with which the families welcomed the team and they experienced the fulfillment of giving and helping.

Connecting with Bhagawan
My name is Nikita Giridhar. I am a fourth generation follower of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, currently based in Germany. I would like to recount one of the points made in the Divine discourse of the World Youth Meet 2017 and narrate a personal experience with...
Dear readers, we are indeed beyond fortunate to have the Lord of the Universe waiting to become our best friend. All we need to do is to find His “contact number” hidden on the scratch-card of our heart.