Issue 82 - July 29, 2018
2018 First And Second Quarter
Service Summary
Inspirational Note...
In a 2016 Satsangs held in the divine presence at Padova, Italy. A devotee asked by avatars are always male and not female.

And here is what Swami said:

This is one question which people ask Me every time. You see, men are the more evil of the two; men need more correction than women. Therefore, men listen only to men, so I have to come as a man. If they ever listened to women, there would be no need of Avatars. So, Avatars have no choice but to come as men. Yes, women are always Divine, because they create, which is the nature of the Divine. The woman who carries a baby in her womb for nine months, alone will know the pain of the Creator. Before her own well-being, she will always look at the well-being of the creation within her.

That one quality itself is so Divine. There is a very famous quotation of your land: “Because God could not be everywhere, He created mothers!” Therefore, your very nature is more Divine; if you just maintain the divine nature that you are born with, you do not have to do other sadhana – and, if these men also followed your example, then they would have no need of Avatars, either. That is the simplest way I can tell you.
2018 Region 2
First And Second Quarter Service Update
Ganges Of Pure Selfless Love
The first half of 2018 flew by swiftly, marked by a significant expansion in Seva opportunities across the country. Also, this period saw various activities catching the public and corporate eye. Annapoorna, with an express mission to ‘Let no Child Go to School Hungry Ever’ made strong strides in its flagship breakfast programme and has currently reached out to over 110,000 needy school-going children across more than 1600 centres spanning 16 states and one Union Territory. With Bhagawan ’s Grace, as of date, 20 Million breakfast meals have been served - a significant milestone!
Love Beyond Boundaries
From the month of January through June, the youth of Sri Lanka conducted breakfast Seva in rural area schools per Bhagawan ’s guidance. The youth also distributed gift packages consisting of stationary and treats to the children in the cancer hospital and packages containing baby essentials and food to expecting women at a Mothers’ Clinic. They also conducted medical screening camp, academic activities and cultural activities which benefitted many people in Kirankulam and Batticola. Another major activity of the youth was that they took part in the renovation of a very sacred stupa and also aided in building forest lodging for meditating monks. They also donated over a dozen plants in the month of April for a very special tree planting campaign which is to be continued throughout the year. 

Jan. – Breakfast Seva , gift packages in Cancer Hospital 

Feb. – Breakfast Seva – Dharamapuram School (held every month)

Mar. – Breakfast Seva and renovation of Stupa

Apr. – Breakfast Seva , tree planting, medical screening, cultural and academic activities

May – Breakfast Seva

Jun. – Breakfast Seva and gift package distribution at Mothers’ Clinic.
Serving Little Gods
The Seva activities presently going on in Nigeria are as follows:
Two Schools are being catered to for Breakfast Service by the Youth on a weekly basis.
1) Ereko Methodist School Lagos – Distributed 1200 Food Packets per month

2) Royal Dove Nursery Lagos - Distributed 1200 Food Packets per month
Selfless Saga Of Service
The youth of Middle East sanctified the first half of the year 2018 through a series of selfless service activities on the weekends. In spite of extreme temperature conditions in the Middle East, these youth continued serving the much deserved people belonging to the labour sector of the society. These groups of wonderful human beings, very much self-inspired set out to make a difference by sharing their most valuable time, energy, resources and love with their fellow brethren who are struggling to make their ends meet by engaging in hard manual labour. Just as a lit candle helps light other candles, these acts of selfless love are inspiring more and more noble souls to join their team. It is their Master, God and Guru, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who told them to be fearless, courageous and selfless.

An overview of Seva activities undertaken by the youth of the Middle East are shown below.