Issue 76 - June 17, 2018
Inspirational Note...
In one of the  Satsangs  during Swami's 2016 visit to the UK, a devotee asked how one can follow His teachings and yet perform ones dharma? And here is what Swami said:

One thing you must bear in your mind, very strongly – nothing will happen to you if I have not willed it. Nobody can do anything to you – good or bad – unless it is willed by Me. If you strongly believe in that, who can harm you? 

Look at the plight of Draupadi. She was married to the mightiest of warriors, who were supposed to be the greatest heroes of that time, but for some reason, she fell into the hands of the wicked Kauravas. They cheated when they played the game of dice and, as a result, asked for such a terrible thing, for Draupadi’s honour. 

The entire world played against her. Even her own husbands, who knew right from wrong, were rendered helpless. What saved her? Her devotion to Krishna saved her. Similarly, if you are devoted to Me, let the whole world play against you, let them play games – but nobody can harm you. Be devoted and dependent on Me, and even being amongst all the Kauravas, you can still be saved. That is how you should think. If I have placed a difficulty in your way for some reason and it seems as if I am not responding, even then, you should think that there is a reason why I have put you through it, because I know what is best for you. That faith alone will help.
Service Updates
Blood donations, Boxes of Love,
Delicious Greek ‘Fava’ and More
Youth in Greece

  • Packaged and distributed boxes filled with dry foods, cleaning products and basic household items to approximately 70 families. Furthermore, the youth have started regularly giving clothes to these families.
  • Narayana Seva – 2,500 meals were served to the homeless.
  • The youth are currently working on transcriptions, translations and design for the Divine Booklet of Swami’s visit to Greece.
  • Weekly Mantra and Veda study sessions were held, mainly for the youth.
  • Translation team finished the InDesign layout as well as the final editing for Greek edition of “The Story Divine” and this month they will publish the book. Furthermore, they finished translating the “Uvacha Series 3” and are now doing the final corrections and editing. Finally, they finished the Divine Visit booklet which will be published in the next few days.
Youth in Cyprus

  • Organized blood donation to which many people contributed.
  • Prepared and distributed boxes with dry foods to families suffering from poverty. Furthermore, they began regularly sorting and giving clothes to these families.
  • Narayana Seva – 800 meals were served to poor families and individuals.
  • Supported the Greek team’s Narayana Seva with regular donations in large quantities of dry foods.

Growing to be God in Geo-Awareness
During the month of May 2018, volunteers organized the second meeting with the children of "Growing to be God", in collaboration with the environmental Seva "Geo-awareness". So the activities of the day were decided and combined. The decision to organize the Seva "Geo-awareness" within another Seva , such as "Growing to be God", was an idea born to develop an environmental consciousness with a different approach to the surrounding world, in a dynamic and joyful way. It was an enrichment for all the participants and a service within a service, for the volunteers.
Inner Transformation
This is my experience of inner transformation that began years ago, thanks to a friend of mine who talked to me about our beloved Master. One day, I was with my friend who is an osteopath. I was laying down on the couch in her medical clinic, when I saw ...
I was lucky to stay there leisurely, in the cradle of the mother and in the arms of the father and I felt, for the very first time, the feeling of Love. On that occasion, I received an unexpected gift - a sari. I received it during the Women's feast. This was for me the most precious gift. Thank you, Baba for having chosen me that day and for giving me Your presence in my life.