Issue 149 - November 03, 2019
Inspirational Note...
In 2015 a Satsang held in the divine presence at Malaysia. A devotee asked why are there conflicts in families due to the subtle form.

And here is what Swami said:

Families will experience conflict about whether they believe in My Subtle Form or not, as long as they have egos. If they think that, what they alone say is right, what they alone know is truth, what they alone hear is correct, then nobody can help. Many times, there are conflicts between husband and wife. If both of them are speaking the truth, where is the question of conflict? It is only if one person is not correct can there be conflict. If you are really listening to your hearts, there will be no conflict. If some of you listen to your minds, obviously there will be conflict.

If all the members of the family are truly listening to their hearts, not only in this matter, but in every matter that relates to their family, then there will never be any conflict – because they will all have the same answer to the same question. So, it is not I who create conflict – it is you who create the conflict; I have always been there to bring peace.

However, if there is a person who is sincerely finding it difficult, and suffering as a result, how do you help them?

When you feel that I am around you, when you feel it is Me telling you how to live your life and progress, by changing your attitude, by changing your acts, thoughts and words – that is what you can impress upon them.

When you return home from this Satsang and your husband sees you and asks what happened – and sees the love, the peace, the kindness with which you answer the question – from that moment on wards, the love, the kindness with which you lead your lives, both within family and without, will be the proof of Swami’s presence.

It is said that if something has touched the Philosopher’s Stone, it will change into gold. If you have truly experienced Me, you will change and that change will be the proof of My existence. There is no point in fighting a verbal battle at home. Instead, start changing yourself and truly start living, from this moment on wards, the way I expect you to.
 Service Updates
Fiji Helps The Underprivileged With 7,000 Consultations Since Opening
Director of Sai Sanjeevani Medical Centre, Dr. Krupali Tappoo said that the Medical Centre was developed by Sai Prema Foundation (Fiji) in association with Fiji Ministry of Health & Medical Services and is serving the Country’s less privileged members of society by providing them with high quality general medical consultations and medications. Their focus of the premises is being a “temple of healing” with high levels of positivity and inspiration, which is provided absolutely free of all cost!

About Sai Prema Foundation
The Foundation is a registered charitable organisation that was founded to serve the poor and needy. Since its inception three years ago, the foundation has:

  • Conducted 71 free heart surgeries for children suffering from congenital heart disease.
  • Served more than 7,000 patients, free of cost, at the Sai Sanjeevani Medical Centre.
  • Had 360 children receive free heart screenings in the rural villages.
  • Had 260 children receive free heart screening at the newly opened Sai Sanjeevani Children’s Heart Screening Centre.
  • Regular groceries and meals distributed to underprivileged and needy families; equivalent to providing for 66,000 meals.
  • More than 2,250 pints of blood collected in partnership with the Fiji National Blood Service.