Issue 58 - February 11, 2018
Inspirational Note...
In London in 2016, a devotee sought guidance on adapting to the new age, the Sathya Yuga.

Swami: Sathya Yuga, as I have said, is a different season, and it is for a different kind of plants to bloom and grow. This is the age of love and you must have love in your heart. Only people who have pure love will continue to survive and enjoy this new time. All the others, as I answered in the previous question, due to some reason or the other, will destroy themselves and will not continue. If you want to adapt and be in the Sathya Yuga, you have to be golden within. What is ‘golden within’? Pure love is gold. Only if you start developing that pure love, will you be able to fit into this New Age.
Service Updates
What an amazing year was 2017 for Annapoorna! If you recall, they started the year with covering only about 150 schools with their breakfast programme. Did you realise that they have expanded this ten times to over 1500 schools during this one year alone?!!

Annapoorna Trust has had some truly exciting developments in their efforts to scale up Annapoorna operations and fill many more tiny bellies.
Ms. Shalini Rajneesh, the Principal Secretary of Education, State of Karnataka greets Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust on the occasion of the second year anniversary of the trust. She spoke about collaborating with the Government of Karnataka to introduce this programme to many other government schools across the state.
The Native Village of Dill Raj 
One of the model villages in Telangana State. The village has 
1. Underground drainage (UGD) facility 
2. Purified water plant and their own business model. (the profit generated is shared among the investors)
3. A large Venkateshwara Swami temple which was built by the village people...
Below is the video of the recent dance drama presented by the Annapoorna children of Dodbelle and Vinayak Nagar villages (off Mysore road, Bangalore). This dance drama shares the insights on why breakfast is the most important meal for a growing child, the various challenges faced by parents who couldn't get this morning meal served for their children and how this Seva...
Oracle Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) Event
South Bangalore - Karnataka
With the divine blessings of dearest Swami from March 2017 there are Oracle Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events in various Annapoorna Breakfast Seva Centres and schools in and around Bangalore on a monthly basis.

During these CSR events they concentrate on children’s hygiene and environmental awareness. They are planning to have monthly Oracle CSR events for the Annapoorna Breakfast Seva children wherein they receive the overall benefit of health and hygiene and can work towards environmental protection.
Continuing to Feed Young Souls with Love
With the start of the New Year and the new school term, the breakfast Seva for the innocent little souls in the Dharmapuram School in Kirrankulam, Batticaloa was restarted. As many of these children come to school on an empty stomach, the milk and banana that is provided to them on a daily basis on all school days, as per Bhagawan’s divine command, gives them renewed energy and even acts as an incentive for them to attend school regularly.
Middle East Youth Activities
January 2018
After ruminating over a purposeful twelve months that was spent well in service to society, the youth of the Middle East embraced the new year of 2018 with greater hopes and prayers to the Almighty to grant them more strength and dedication to bring about greater social transformation.
The sheer joy of inspiring more young men and women onto the path of selfless service is indescribable. With more people belonging to various nationalities, joining in the service initiatives, they know it is only the grace and blessings of their Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba that made this happen.
Nigera Youth Activities
January 2018
The first breakfast service for the year took place on January 11, 2018, post the school Christmas break. With beloved Bhagawan’s blessings and guidance, one year has been completed since the time the breakfast Seva activity was started at Ereko Methodist Primary School in Lagos, Nigeria. In addition to regular primary students, this school also caters to children with special needs such as the learning disabled, hearing impaired and intellectually challenged ones.
Annapoorna Volunteer
Annapoorna Breakfast Programme has not only changed my life, but it touched my life as well.

Now wherever I go, consciously, I ensure to give a biscuit packet at least, to a needy person, if nothing else is around. This way I feel satisfied from within, even if the person’s stomach is not filled completely with the biscuit packet, my heart gets filled.
I can keep on pouring my emotions about my journey with Annapoorna however; I want to jot down an incident that happened recently. My parents and I had gone to a hospital to get a few medical tests done for my mother. As per the procedure, post-breakfast blood sample had to be given after pre-breakfast was done...