Issue 144 - October 06, 2019
Inspirational Note...
In 2017 a Satsang held in the divine presence in Mexico one devotee asked how to achieve unity?

Here is what Swami said

Unity comes from understanding the truth. Your hands are different from your feet, which are different from your face, which is different from your stomach, which is different from your eyes. Still, none of these parts hurt the others. Instead, they all work in unity because they believe they belong to the same body. Similarly, only when you realize that you are part of a larger being, a larger thing, which is the society – your country – will unity follow. As long as you live in your narrow, selfish way, only worrying about yourself and your own things, unity will keep eluding you. Therefore, the solution lies in a spiritual and moral outlook, where you consider everyone as your own kin. Then there would be no reason for you to harm or hurt anyone else, then you believe in the unity of all, in order to help the country change faster. Thus the outlook should change from one of diversity and multiplicity to one of unity. That change in outlook will come only when people want good things. For that, they will need guidance; hence, these Centers and these messages are extremely important for a better future for Mexicans.
 Service Updates
Health On Wheels
Super Successful Medical Camp In Waidalice, Tailevu
September 28, 2019
A team of over 50 Doctors, Health Professionals, One Fiji Volunteers and members of Sai Prema Foundation spent their Saturday serving 180 people in Waidalice, Tailevu.

In a span of five hours, villagers of the region were given free medical and dental consultations and free medications.

Three members from "Health in Kind Australia" also joined in the team as they officially commenced their partnership with Sai Prema Foundation to serve the rural population of Fiji.
Australia Healthcare Updates
At the 2019 Asia Pacific Youth Meet held in Kuching in August, Swami strongly encouraged the region to come together and work unitedly for the greater good of the world. The Health in Kind team from Australia which is the medical arm of the Heart of Love Foundation, has already put this into action, forging an international partnership with the Sai Prema Foundation in Fiji to assist with medical services being provided in their country.