Issue 154 - December 08, 2019
Inspirational Note...
In 2016 a Satsang held in the divine presence in California, USA, when asked about the implementation of Sai education system in the USA,

Here is what Swami said:

It will happen. Governments have to change and the thinking has to change. There should be a willingness to accept it; then, if you implement it, it will make sense.

When the season is right and you sow the seeds, they will definitely grow – but, when the season is wrong, no matter how much effort you put in, they will not grow. I am waiting for the right season, the right leadership and the right kind of people who understand the need for spirituality, the need for moral and values-based education and not merely materialistic and worldly education – then, you will definitely be able to implement it.

In fact, the first effort has been made in India, too, to bring many intellectuals together on the subject of education which would incorporate spirituality and harmony of religions in the curriculum. Teachers and people who will impart this, need to be trained and a curriculum needs to be designed. I have already started working on a worldwide programme, ‘Guru Vikas’.

I talk about training teachers first; about transforming themselves and, through their transformation, transforming the children. I am developing the programme in India and, slowly, it will spread.

When India benefits, people will see the benefit and other countries will also have a demand for such an educational system. When they are hungry, if you feed them, they will enjoy the food. So I am waiting for the right time – but, it will come!

Right now, people are looking for solutions to all the different problems in society, but they will ultimately realize that, whatever they have tried, has not solved the issue and then they will look towards the east, towards India, which has always been the center of spirituality and wisdom, in order to learn from that country and its wisdom. Then, the system of education will become worldwide. It is a matter of time but it will definitely happen
Service Updates
Collaboration with Puducherry Government 
SaiSure for 20,000 Needy Government School Children

Annapoorna's nutritious and delicious health mix SaiSure will now be served to 20,000 children studying in Government Schools. SaiSure will be served in the mornings and will help students remain free from hunger as well as provide them with the much needed nutrients including micro nutrients. The launch for the collaboration happened at the office of Honorable Chief Minister of Puducherry, Sri V. Narayanasamy.
Launch of Centralised Kitchen and Launch of Breakfast for Government School Children
An event was held in Chennai for the inauguration of Centralised Kitchen for preparation of breakfast for needy Government School children. Further, there was a launch of Cooked Breakfast Programme for 300 children in a school in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Honorable Minister of Tamil Development, Culture and Archeology, Government of Tamil Nadu, Thiru. K Pandia Rajan graced the occasion.
Oracle CSR Activity at
Tubharahalli School
The Oracle Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team and Annapoorna team came together for a CSR activity, where the volunteers from Oracle interacted with school children studying at Tubharahalli Government school in Bengaluru. The team distributed notebooks and other stationery items to 210 school children. The session concluded with an entertainment session including activities like singing.
Annapoorna Child Tops the Class
Mallamma is currently studying at Sri Sathya Sai Vani Niketanam in Gadag district in Karnataka. She was earlier an Annapoorna beneficiary child from the Whitefield Annapoorna Breakfast Centre. Mallamma comes from a very poor home in Whitefield. Annapoorna volunteers helped her secure an admission in Sri Sathya Sai Vani Niketanam, noting her interest in academics. She has now made Annapoorna volunteers very proud by being the top student in her Class 6, in Kannada medium! Annapoorna wishes her the very best for her studies and career!
Launch of SaiSure Multi-Nutrient
Health Mix in Tumkur
Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust in collaboration with Sri Ramakrishna Sevashrama and Sri Sathya Sai Health and Education Trust lanuched SaiSure multi-nutrient health mix for pregnant women and for 60,000 Government School children in Tumkur District in Karnataka.
Acharya Devo Bhava
(Teacher is revered as God)

Teachers and staff have always been Annapoorna Breakfast Programme's key reason for operational success. If not for the HM's (Head Master/Head Mistress) and the teachers' cooperation and support, it would be not be possible for Annapoorna to conduct the breakfast programme successfully at each school. Thus, Annapoorna has been ably supported by all HMs, teachers and cooks across more than 3000 centres throughout the country.

Here is a picture of a HM and his teachers from a school in Bhongir, Telangana State, who not only supports Annapoorna Breakfast Programme wholeheartedly, but also walks the extra mile to help the Annapoorna team during grocery delivery at the school! All their unconditional support stems from one reason - their unconditional love for their school children!

Thus, such acts of love and dedication are highly encouraging for Annapoorna to serve more and more deserving schools across the country.
Launch of SaiSure Multi-Nutrient
Health Mix in Hukkeri Taluk in Belagavi
Sri Chandrashekar Shivacharya Swamiji of Hukkeri in Belagavi District in Karnataka launched this programme by serving milk with SaiSure to the children. Zilla Parishad Member, Smt. Anasuya Patil; District Mid-Day Meal Director, Sri Dipak Kulkarni; Block Education Officer, Sri M. N. Dandin; TP CEO, Sri Biradarpatil; Annapoorna Trust National Manager, Sri A. Santosh; Regional Manger, R. Rajiv; Dr. Abhijit Musale; Smt. Shashikala Natarajan graced the occasion. This launch is dedicated to help 5,000 children of Hukkeri Taluk of Belagavi District!
Launch of SaiSure Multinutrient
Health Mix in Hubballi
Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust in collaboration with Adamya Chetana launched SaiSure multi-nutrient health mix for 70,000 Government School children in Hubbali District in Karnataka!
Seva in the Middle East
The birthday month of  Bhagawan  Sri Sathya Sai Baba saw the youth from across the Middle East coming together and continuing to serve the Divine in their lesser fortunate brothers and sisters!
Desert Seva

For the fifth consecutive month, the youths in the region distributed rations to caretakers. 35 individuals have been recipients of this growing service thus far. These brothers receive rations in the form of cooking supplies like spices, grains, legumes, tea powder, biscuits and so on. To celebrate this Seva , the brothers are also treated to fresh, home cooked dinner each month.
Ladies Camp
At the ladies’ camp, weekly rations including dish-washing liquids were distributed to the sisters. They were also served with a scrumptious meal of idli (rice cakes) and treated to chocolates to celebrate the Lord’s birthday. Additionally, computer classes, such as the use of Microsoft Word and Excel are taught to further expand their workplace-skills.
Youth Seva
The youths gather every Saturday morning to distribute bananas to the laborer brothers who work tirelessly at the construction sites. Bananas are served as it helps maintain fluid levels in the body and regulates the movement of nutrients. This humble offering serves to not only fill their stomachs but also their spirits as they work to create the foundation of society around the people.
Construction Site Seva
The youths and adults come together to continuously support the Seva activities conducted at two labor camps in the region. Over 300 people benefitted from the service this month which included the distribution of bananas, juice, laban (buttermilk), chocolates, and biscuits.

Thus, yet another eventful service-filled month has come to an end. The team and the devotees look forward to more such opportunities!
Love In Service For Those
Who Serve In Sri Lanka
The youth have settled into a familiar pattern of serving refreshments to the disposal truck workers. Visiting every other day, the workers greet them with a gleeful smile and always accept the offerings with overflowing gratitude with a prayer of blessings! Piping hot tea is served along with plates full of biscuits, cakes, brownies and sandwiches, to give their weary bodies a boost. An opportunity arose for the youth to treat and help refresh a group of labourers who had been working since morning. The cups of tea and coffee were received with much joy along with an assortment of sandwiches and biscuits!