Issue 162 - February 02, 2020
Inspirational Note...
In 2016 public Satsang held in the divine presence in California,
here is what Swami said about COD :
"‘Ceiling on Desires’ is very important, especially for people who live in this kind of society, where materialism has an upper-hand over spirituality. You must learn to reduce your desires. I was recently in Boston and a boy who studies there came to Me. He is originally from Dubai, the son of a businessman. I asked him, “What did you do on your birthday? You threw a party and spent a lot of money. All that money went in your mouth and out again, but nothing was retained. Had you used the same money to help a child in need, it would have stayed with the child throughout his life.”
All of you should think like that. Before doing anything, ask Me, “Swami, is
it worth spending on this, or can I live without it?” If I respond, “Live without it,” then use that money for something better. Always think like that. You should all get together and put it into practice. Think what you can do consistently – every day – not just when I come here, when you all wake up, rush to Me and, in desperation, try to do something and then sleep on it all year until I come again.

I am with you all the time. Keep that in mind in the way you eat, sleep,
dress, rest – everything you do, every day. Similarly, every day, you must do seva. Every day, you must make some sort of sacrifice, until it becomes second nature; that is the way you must proceed. To start the whole programme, every person must accept responsibility, first for individual change, then for the contribution to the group and finally the contribution to society, in some way or another. This practical sequence should happen."
 Service Updates
The Gift of Life Project with the Sai Prema Foundation has completed 71 successful surgeries, saving the lives of children who now have a better chance of living normal lives again.
Guest of Honour at the function was Minister of Health and Medical Services, Dr Ifiremi Waqainabete acknowledged the Foundation by highlighting that one of the biggest contributions made by the Foundation has been helping give these children a new life by providing free lifesaving heart surgeries.
“This has saved an estimated $7 million for families, more importantly, saving lives of precious children and giving them a future they deserve,” Dr Waqainabete said.
The Values Formation Classes at Marymount Centre is something which we look forward to every Thursday. The joy we receive in seeing innocent, happy and beaming faces of the young girls is incomparable to any joy and love one can experience. Marymount Centre reaches out to vulnerable children in Singapore. Under Marymount Centre, there are currently 24-hour residential homes for girls and crisis shelter for abused women and their children.

Since the inception of classes in March 2019, we have conducted values classes and organized camp for the girls , aged between 5 yrs all the way up to teenagers.
We have started the classes by getting to know the girls, their aims, aspirations, likes, dislikes etc. Our aim was to bring out the inherent human values like love and peace which are already embedded in them. It was truly amazing to witness girls making some profound statements that would baffle all of us. We often wonder "who is teaching who" . As much as we say that we conduct value classes to these wonderful children, we often learn a lot from them too.