Issue 177 - May 17, 2020
Master the Mind
Mind is the cause of bondage and liberation, and if one can master this mind, one can become not just a mastermind but the master Himself, says Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai. In this series of talks, ‘Master the Mind’, primarily given to the ashram residents of Sathya Sai Grama, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai guides us step by step, to take up a 30 day sadhana to understand, analyse, master and finally merge the mind into the divine self.
Master the Mind - Episode 1
The Art Of Withdrawal
Master the Mind - Episode 2
The Three Faults
Inspirational Note...
In 2016 a Satsang held in the divine presence in California, USA, a devotee asked if Sai Rama Rajya will be established in the next hundred years.
Here is what Swami said:
Yes, everything has to come in its time. When night falls, it eventually has to end and the day has to begin again. This is the time when the night and day are merging and night has to give way today. Whatever name you choose to call it – Rama Rajya, Sai Rajya or the Golden Age – whatever the name, this is the time when the world will be far more peaceful, people will have more tolerance and love for each other and it will definitely be better than it has been for thousands of years.
However, I have always said and I will continue to say that, even if everything is right, if you are not in tune with it, you will not be able to experience it. The tastiest of foods may have been prepared but, if you are sick and your tongue is bitter, you will not be able to taste the sweetness. First of all, the change has to begin within.
Other things will also change with time and, when the time arrives – when the dawn comes and there is brightness outside – you can travel much faster. If you have to drive a car in the dark, you can drive with the headlights on, but you cannot go really fast because you cannot see the road beyond a certain distance. When it is day, everything is clear and you can undertake the same journey much faster. So in this ‘Dark Age’, as it has been called, even those who have little love and compassion in their hearts are still looking for light – they are still moving, though slowly. When the dawn comes and brings the brightness of day, everybody will be able to see the truth clearly and be able to undertake the journey much faster. That time is coming now and will help more and more people to undertake the journey. It will help people to grow faster, spiritually – and it is on its way now.
Service Updates
Helping Beings In Need, April 2020
Selfless Seva Trust Of Istanbul
The Selfless Seva Trust of Istanbul, Turkey, has continued to do Seva activities between March 30, 2020 and May 3, 2020. Many people were visited and provided with the following services:
  • On Mondays and Wednesdays, food was cooked regularly and delivered to several homes in need throughout the month at the following districts;
  • 1,000 meals in Sisli Region
  • 365 meals in Pendik Region
  • 590 meals in Ömerli Region
  • 850 meals in Uskumruköy Region
  • We have also continued with the Narayana Seva individually as per Swami’s dictum, ‘Let no one go to sleep hungry’.
  • 2,029 meals were delivered individually.
  • Necessary medical supplies were provided to the people with ailments in the Sisli, Istanbul Region
  • The house-rent of two homes and the utility fees such as electricity, water and so on of 10 homes were paid.
  • This month, 2.5 tons of firewood were distributed to homes in Sisli Region.
  • Every day, in two districts of Istanbul – Zekeriyaköy Region and Fenerbahçe Region – dogs, cats, birds and sometimes horses are provided with food, water and medical care. When encountered, all kinds of animals in need are provided with the necessary help.