Issue 123 - May 12, 2019
Inspirational Note...
In 2017 a Satsang held in the divine presence in Mexico. When asked how to help disabled youngsters in their spiritual quest.

Here is what Swami said:

Give them an opportunity. This spiritual richness will come out on its own and what lies within will manifest. First, give them opportunities. Allow them to be what they are, and they will definitely be able to do what you want. Youth are full of energy but, unfortunately, this energy lacks experience. A little experience from your side and energy from their side can do a lot of good so that they can come out with flying colors in whatever they do. Stand with them, but do not become their eyes and ears; let them have the freedom to express themselves. That means that you should give them an opportunity, and they will grow on their own. No small tree grows under the shadow of a big tree. They need their own place, their own space, their own air, their own light and their own water. Give that to them, and they will grow on their own.
Service Updates
Words of Appreciation
Annapoorna received a ‘Letter of Thanks’ from Sri T. Sakala Reddy, the Additional Commissioner (Projects) of Greater Vishakapatnam Municipal Corporation. In the letter, he noted the nutrition with good hygiene that is being provided by Annapoorna to 242 schools in and around Vishakapatnam and Vizianagaram. Annapoorna thanks Sri T. Sakala Reddy for his kind words of encouragement.
CSR Conclave in Kerala
A CSR Conclave was organised in the State of Kerala to ideate, discuss and research how the volunteers can, all together, help in the making of a healthy and happy nation! This event was conducted at Thiruvananthapuram on Sunday, April 28, 2019.
Annapoorna Helps Boost
Academic Performance
Annapoorna is very excited to share the testimonial of the Headmistress (HM) from GPUC School in Mandikal, Chikkaballapur in Karnataka State about Annapoorna's positive impact on the academic results in her school over the last couple of years.

Annapoorna Breakfast Programme was recommended to her by her colleague in Gunthappanahalli village. HM, Ms. Geetha had reached out to Annapoorna for launching the breakfast programme in her school. Annapoorna started operations in the school towards the end of the academic year 2016-17 and has continued till date.

The HM shared the encouraging improvement in the academic results of the school. In 2016-17 the result was 52.50%, in 2017-18 the result improved to 62.50% and in 2018-19 the results have been in a top class of 81.03%!
CSR Conclave at Jamshedpur 
A CSR Conclave was organised in Jamshedpur to ideate, discuss and research how the volunteers can, all together, help in the making of a healthy and happy nation! This event was conducted on Saturday, April 20, 2019.
Doddabele Village Children's 'Sports Day'
with Oracle CSR Team
The team of Oracle's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) volunteers had a 'field day' during the Summer Camp that is being organised throughout the week in Doddabele Village Breakfast Centre.

Oracle Volunteers joined hands with Annapoorna volunteers and planned out a Sports Day on Saturday where they conducted and played various sports with the Government School children in Doddabele. They played a variety of sports such as running race, relay race, throw ball, tug of war, cricket and so on.

Post the fun in the field, the Oracle volunteers distributed a lot of goodies such as notebooks, pens, tooth paste, tooth brush, soaps, shampoos, biscuit packets and more.

Annapoorna thanks the Oracle CSR team for their enthusiasm and love towards the children!
Words of Encouragement from the HM of GHPS, Dodda Banaswadi
Ms. Sunanda, Headmistress (HM) of GHPS, Dodda Banaswadi in Bengaluru, in her 'Letter of Thanks' to the Annapoorna Team has recognised their efforts that has brought about a positive change to the overall academic performance of the children and to the overall strength of the school. Annapoorna thanks Ms. Sunanda for her kind words of encouragement!
Middle East  Seva Report
Jana Seva Bina Nirvana Nahi …”
Swami keeps telling everyone it is only through Service to Mankind that one can get redeemed from the bonds of Karma. The youth of the Middle East Region set out to explore every possible service opportunity to serve their fellow beings. They thank Swami from the bottom of their hearts for keeping them together as one group, to think and act positively on the right path, in His Mission!
Seva Initiated by Ladies
in a Ladies’ Camp
The weekly endeavours of the team continues at the Ladies’ Camp! This past month, along with the usual distribution of rations, the team engaged in storytelling and some basic stretching exercises with these sisters to help relieve their bodies and minds from the stress of routine life. The continuous teaching efforts, along with the ladies’ initiative to learn and educate themselves paid off, as a few of the sisters from the camp were able to gain better employment. They now have the opportunity to experience a better standard of living. This goes to say that the Lord’s grace works for one, when one works for oneself.
Congregational Singing
The youth make it a point to sit together every Thursday at a different house, thereby forgetting themselves in the holy ambience of congregational singing! They celebrated the Holy Vishu to have a better bonding amongst the group with a Special Bhajan and traditional Vishu Sadhya. The youth participation has been found to be increasing well in the last few months!
My Journey With Sai
As a brief introduction, I am Sai Adithya I study in grade Nine. I live in Dubai. Swami has looked after me at all times and guided me through difficulties and transformed me into a better person. He has taught me many lessons some of which I will be explaining here. My mother was Swami’s student so the seed...
I try to follow Swami’s teachings. He has transformed me, made me take the right choices in life and made me choose the right company. Swami is, was and will always be my best friend, true companion, and the best mentor. He has molded me to be whatever I am today. Whatever I am today is because of him.