Issue 193 - September 06, 2020
Master the Mind
Mind is the cause of bondage and liberation, and if one can master this mind, one can become not just a mastermind but the master Himself, says Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai. In this series of talks, ‘Master the Mind’, primarily given to the Ashram residents of Sathya Sai Grama, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai guides us step by step, to take up a 30 day sadhana to understand, analyse, master and finally merge the mind into the divine self.
Inspirational Note...
Inner View
By Sri Madhusudan Sai

God's Timing   

We were delayed as we reached the home of the host in Australia. The devotees waited for more than two hours to meet Swami. The hands of the clock were just a bit shy of the midnight hour as Swami entered the most beautiful home of the host, nestled on top of a hill in the sylvan setting of Murwillumbah an aboriginal hilly town in Queensland state.  

“Oh! You haven’t slept still?”, asked Swami playfully as He saw so many devotees singing a welcome song to Him at that late hour.  

“No Swami, we are not sleepy, we were waiting for you”, replied someone smilingly.  

“Oh! Am I very late?”, Swami asked almost apologetically. “No, Swami?”, someone replied. “Am I early?”, asked Swami again.  

“No, Swami!”, said someone else. “Ah! God is never early nor late, He comes at the right time to everyone. Even if you want Him to come early, He won’t. And if you wish that He comes late, that won’t happen either. 

God comes at His time to each, which is the right time”, said Swami.  

What seemed like a sweet little conversation, turned out to be most poignant exposition on the ways of God, especially about when does He choose to come to a yearning soul is always the perfect time, God’s time! 
 Service Updates
COVID-19 Response
Free Medical Checkup For Villagers
The Foundation hosted villagers from Veisari #1 Methodist Community and Waikerekere Settlement, Veisari for FREE medical checkups at the Sai Sanjeevani Medical Centre.

Many of the villagers have lost their jobs during this Covid 19 pandemic and therefore the Foundation ensured that they did not have to spend a single dollar for their health and wellbeing.

Apart from free medical checkups, transportation and meals were provided totally free of cost which brought smiles on the faces of these struggling families.

Beautiful words by H. Jackson Brown Jr. resound during these times - ”Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more”
Narayana Seva by a small group on a weekly basis:

A small group of youth and devotees are continuing Narayana Seva on a weekly basis by actively feeding approximately 60 homeless people in Yokohama.
Narayana Seva on an individual basis

Some of the youths are continuing on an individual basis, feeding 40-60 people at a time, with support of food supplies such as rice and vegetables from other youth members who live in other parts of Japan where there are no homeless people.
Report from Singapore
The youth have also provided tutors from the 1YOUTH community to assist with the girls’ academic excellence. To protect the privacy of these girls, photos cannot be shared.
From this weekend onwards, the youth are expanding their reach to conduct value-based sessions for children under the care of Pertapis Community. They are looking forward to sharing their experiences.