Issue 103 - December 23, 2018
Inspirational Note ...
In 2016 one of the Satsangs held in the divine presence at Malaysia. A devotee asked if one must visit temples even when God is in our hearts.

And here is what Swami said:

If you really experience Me in your heart, your heart is the temple; you do not have to go anywhere. It is only when you are not able to feel Me in your heart, because your mind is overpowering and disturbing you, that you need the right kind of environment, the right kind of sangha or company to make you feel at peace, to let your mind calm down and again feel My presence.

What you do is, you go to the temple, ring the bell, offer flowers, stand in front of the idol and close your eyes. Ultimately, you are trying to experience Me in your heart, not outside.

The temple is the environment, while the purity, vibrations and company of other devotees helps your mind to calm down so that you can connect to your heart faster. That is the purpose of temples. If you have that same feeling all the time; if you are living in that feeling always, then you do not have to go anywhere.
Service Updates
A New Opportunity to Serve
November is a special month in the lives of the Sai family because Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s birthday is celebrated; so the devotees take this holy event as a new opportunity to serve their brothers in need. Swami has commanded that all the youth of Latin America should distribute one lakh (one hundred thousand) meals. As a result, all of Argentina united to carry out this magnificent task and the youth spent Swami’s Birthday serving 397 meals.
Bay Area Service
Many people may have seen the homeless on the streets of Oakland. The volunteers of Sai Ashraya have recently begun to serve these homeless people on a regular basis. They have been serving dinner on weekends. Surprisingly, it has made a strong impact on the people staying there; not just because of the quality of food that is provided to them but also the love that is shared with them.
The young adults learnt from Mr. David that people in Oakland area receive around $360 in cash from the government and around $190 for food coupons. He was a chef by profession but he lost his job and moved from New Orleans to the Bay Area in California and then landed on the streets. As of now, he is surviving by making money by cleaning cars right outside his tent.
Service at Montrose Grace Place in
Houston, Texas
The volunteers were there in strong numbers to help. They started the night by eating dinner with the youth and sat amongst them like family engaging in conversation with whomever was open. Usually, there is light hearted conversation which can turn deeper with the right air of trust. Tacos were prepared and served by the local Art Theater who sign up frequently. However direct contact and interaction with the youth is only allowed for those volunteers who complete the 16 hours of training to understand the sensitivity and gravity of the hardship the homeless youth endure every day, along with learning proper communication and listening skills.
Seeds of Change in Kansas City
All in all, a total of 60 people were blessed with food and much-needed supplies, and 11 Sai youth volunteers wrapped up the day feeling a sense of gratitude and bliss for being given the chance to have love work through them. The teens, especially now, sharing their innately abundant love instead of hoping to receive some, got a real understanding of the phrase, "Love grows by giving"! As the volunteers all exchanged hugs and headed back home, it was their sincere hope that the good vibes they had spread far and wide throughout Kansas City also signified the seeds of change which would one day sprout and spread even more love, peace and joy!