Issue 107 - January 20, 2019
Inspirational Note...
In 2017 a Satsang held in the divine presence at France. A small girl asked, if animals can also find God and how can one help them find God.

And here is what Swami said:

Animals always sense the presence of God – but, the difference between animals and man is that man can realize God and become one with Him. Yes, animals will find God eventually as they grow into men and, from men, grow into God. Human birth is the highest of all Creation, with the next step being God. Animals feel God as a presence in the form of love, in the form of selflessness, in the form of compassion. By showing them these things, you can help them feel God. In your love, in your care, in your compassion, they will feel the love of God. To be able to realize God and become one with Him, is that which is given only to man. That is why I keep saying that out of the 84 lakhs (8.4 millions) of species, human birth is the most sacred. You must realize your great fortune and not waste it.
Service Updates
Distribution of Food to Poor People and
The Inauguration of "Grace Kitchen"
In 2012, a Seva of distribution of food to the needy began in the center of Rome. The Seva is scheduled every Wednesday evening and during the years, many different groups of volunteers have participated so far. Actually the Roman group of “ Casa del Divino ” (Divine House) is involved in this activity about three times per month and it prepares and distributes food with love and dedication for the brothers that live on the streets.

In the beginning only a few poor brothers came, but then, little by little, their numbers grew from 20 to 30, then to 40 and so on. Today there are 70 to 90 poor persons, depending on periods and seasons. All the volunteers, individually, bought and prepared pasta, sandwiches, snacks, fruits and drinks alone, in their own homes. Before dinner time they met on the road, often there was bad weather especially in winter, to divide things into packages for a complete meal ready for distribution.
Christmas Joy
The youth started the Christmas year of giving by distributing blankets to the elderly, as part of their Blanket Revolution Scheme - which looks at giving hand knitted hats and blankets to the elderly. It was done under the auspice of Swami’s Birthday and has been going on for the past two years. The colourful activities and joyful events started in Leicester. Where the youth distributed gifts, played games - with the GTGB (Gifts That Give Back Programme) children being a part of this. The youth then went onto spend Christmas at other homes, having lots of Carols, games and a whole ton of laughter. 
Spiritual Life is a Continuous Act of Learning
I heard about Sai Baba when I was just 12 years old. I am now 30. I happened to chance upon a conversation between some people who were saying strange things about paranormal activities, after which they spoke about Sai Baba. 
In the 15 years of theory, I had only One Master, Sai Baba…in the years of practise, my Masters have multiplied: the needy, the poor, the elderly, the disabled, the orphans....they are all my Masters now.

So, not only the student transformed, but also the Master! Spiritual life is a continuous act of learning and I will stop only when there will not be anything more to learn. I will forever be at the Divine service to whatever form He will take!