Issue 120 - April 21, 2019
Inspirational Note...
In 2017 a Satsang held in the divine presence in Mexico. When asked how to stay healthy.
Here is what Swami said:
Discipline will bring health. If you are disciplined in your thoughts, words and actions, you will always be healthy, because you will be healthy spiritually. Health must be viewed from a complete perspective, not just from a particular part of the body because health is complete. The word ‘health’ comes from the word ‘heli’, which not only means sacred or holy but also complete. It is not just about physical well-being, but also about your mind and your heart. When you have good thoughts, speak good things, think good things and act accordingly, you will be healthy on all levels. Because you have fallen sick due to some deviations, now become disciplined, developing positive thoughts, as well as pure, kind words.
What has to be done for the body in order to help it recover? Follow the discipline, weather, medicine, diet, rest and exercise, and everything will once again become healthy. So first, do not allow yourself to be unhealthy, and remember that health begins at the thought level. If you have good, pure thoughts, those thoughts, in turn, will keep you healthy at all levels. Therefore, keep good company, be disciplined and you will always be healthy and happy. Follow these words.
Service Updates
Growing To Be God Group
in Freiburg, Germany
The Growing to be God girls’ group in Freiburg was initiated about a year ago. Seven girls between the ages of eight and eleven meet fortnightly on Saturdays for one and a half-hour sessions. The group teacher is Claudia Dürr who prepares the sessions with a focus on human values. They read stories, meditate, do crafts and role-playing. 
This year was dedicated to the topics of love, peace, truth and justice. The children get so deeply into the topics that they go through the prepared material quite slowly.
Christmas visit to the Retirement Home
At Christmas time, families usually come together, but in German retirement homes many seniors are still very lonely. The concern of the young group was to give them a little pleasure. They filled little bags with sweets and distributed them to the Seniors as they walked from door to door. The reactions were different. Generally they were very happy and sometimes there were discussions, some were very touched, some asked what that cost, because unfortunately it is not common to take something without giving something. After a short brief explanation, a radiance appeared in their face. The employees were also given a Christmas-Bag because they are doing a very valuable service for the Grandmothers and Grandfathers. They are usually understaffed and receive a relatively low salary for their intensive work. The unexpected return of the young group was Peace in their hearts and gratitude for the joy that comes naturally from inside, when you see the joy in the faces of others.
Seva in Kazakhstan
A group of volunteers in Almaty is engaged in helping single mothers with two to eight children, once a month. The volunteer group has grown from eight to ten people!

Prior to this, the group was helping four single mothers with two to four children. One of them is a young lady from an orphanage who is raising two children on her own.
My Transformation Story
First time I heard about Sai Baba was 22 years ago (I am almost 64 now). I had met a friend of mine who I did not see for years. She told me about a holy man from India named Sai Baba. She was so touched talking about Him she could not stop crying. Five years later, my beloved Reiki teacher, Mieczysław Sabaj, spoke of Swami and of his trip to Puttaparthi. A while later, Swami came to me in a dream.

Baba is the Master in my life. He acts through me. Of course, there are some moments where my mind tries to take charge in everyday life or of the words coming from my mouth. But, I feel it is enough to ask Baba for help or ask Him “What can I do for You today, Swami?” and all that can transform into love and compassion. I am so grateful to Baba that He has appeared in my life and for His guidance on my way back home to Him! I convey love to all from my spirit heart!