Issue 116 - March 24, 2019
Inspirational Note ...
In 2017 a Satsang held in the divine presence in Mexico. When asked how to depend on God completely.

Here is what Swami said:

You could not even think another thought if God were not present. You cannot make your heart beat if God is not present. You cannot even make the eyes see if God is not present. All this happens because God is within, so how can you not depend on God? You are already depending on God, which is why you are alive. Do not imagine that you have to depend on God, because you already are. Without Him, you cannot do anything. Your spiritual progress and its pace is all your imagination. If you forget this imagination, leaving it behind, you will have some peace.

As far as the Chihuahua Center is concerned, work with the youth, guiding them from the experiences of your own life. You know now what matters in life and what does not matter, what to pay attention to and what to ignore. With your own life experience, help the other youth understand that they do not have to burn their hands in the fire to know that fire burns. They can learn from your experience and benefit from them. Do that, as that will be a good service.
Service Updates
Hands that Help
The youth from Buenos Aires gathered to cook every Thursday and Sunday. On the one hand, they cooked and served meals to the homeless on Thursdays. They distributed 518 meals. On the other hand, they gathered in the Ashram in Escobar to cook lunch for children on Saturdays, at two dining rooms. In February, one of those dining rooms celebrated its second anniversary and had a small party. The coordinator of the dining room invited the youth group to have a delicious lunch and desserts.
Canadian Newsletter March 2019
With Bhagawan’s divine grace and love the youths continued serving their needy friends food packets in the freezing temperatures. Alberta did encounter a heavy load of snow and freezing temperatures below -36 degrees! Food distribution included banana, fruit juice, buns, healthy and granola bars.

The youths assisted in facilitating value based workshops for the Institute of Human Development, Canada. The institute conducts these workshops for post-secondary colleges and youths who face homelessness and employment issues in the Edmonton AB area.
Bay Area Seva
The greatest impact for the devotees following Bhagawan’s words and doing selfless Seva is the love that they experience while seeing and serving everyone! The youth have been serving in the homeless community and meeting people in the encampments, thereby building a relationship with them. The youth are stationed in one area while serving hot, fresh, nutritious food, so that they can talk to the people they serve. After many days of such relationship building,a bond has developed very naturally. On some occasions, people have opened up to the volunteers and poured their heart out. 
There are many such stories that the Sai youth experience everyday as they continue to serve the homeless people with love and joy, ushering the golden age of Bhagawan . Who else but Bhagawan can bring about such a transformation in the youth across the world and who then bring transformation to the whole world by serving as true instruments of the Lord? As one Sai Ashraya youth would say, lucky are the ones who have come under the wings of Bhagawan , for not only are they touched but they are also transformed permanently!
Breakfast Seva in Huntsville, Alabama
Bhagawan has recently stated on multiple occasions that He will be known through the good deeds of His devotees. The process of loving and serving all of humanity begins with seeing God within. Once it is acknowledged that His love and light can spread from within to everyone, any doubts that are harbored about the projects that are undertaken in His name will vanish. The story of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, and of how, according to legend, he ventured to the Emerald Isle to rid the land of snakes, is being celebrated this weekend across the U.S. by all Americans. It is a potent metaphor of courage in the midst of the unknown.
Seva in Kansas City
March 2019
As winter turned to spring, and the skies opened up, the Kansas City (KC) youth turned another page in their journey of transformation. In the last few months, they would prepare hot meals and take them to a drop-in community dinner. There, they would hang out, participate in the guest group activity and serve dinner to displaced youth. This time, two Kansas City youth went with two freshly prepared trays of noodles, salad, chips, cookies, drink boxes and water bottles, enough for 25 hungry souls.
Serving the Needy in Houston, Texas
On February 24, 2019, the Houston youth got together once again for their monthly Seva as an offering of love to their divine Master. This month’s Seva activity consisted of preparing and handing out lunch bags to the needy, homeless people in various downtrodden areas of the city. Each bag consisted of Tofurkey sandwiches made with vegetarian tofu slices, mayonnaise, mustard and pickles, cheese crackers and a water bottle.
Youth Testimonial
My name is Blake Anderson. I was born and raised in the native first nations community. At an early age of thirteen I was influenced by addiction, alcohol and gang related violence. I was incarcerated for five years for a serious crime I did. Currently I am out on bail in the community. 
Now I know that my body did the crime and not my true self. Today I am enrolled into a post secondary college taking a management diploma program. Thank you Baba, please help me so I can love and help other youths who are like me.