Issue 148 - October 27, 2019
Inspirational Note ...
In 2016 a Satsang held in the divine presence in California, a devotee seeks Swami's grace on his health issues.

Here is what Swami said:

Serve – only service will cure you of your problems. Serve without thinking of your troubles and your service will bring so much benefit to you that your problems will disappear. Your solution is not to be cured and then serve; it is to serve and be cured.

You take the first step and the rest will follow. Putting your problems out of your mind, you can serve. I had so many problems, too, but whom could I discuss them with?

I had to keep them to Myself – but, as far as possible, I always came, gave Darshan, talked to people and consoled them. In loving them and consoling them, I forgot my pains. You have to experience that state where, through service, the mind rises so far beyond your individual self that all pains disappear – and they will disappear. The doctors cannot identify it because it is not a physical ailment. It is at another level, it is metaphysical, and the only solution is harmony; when all your thoughts, words and actions are in unity, the resulting inner peace will make all the pain disappear.

If you are standing straight, you can stand for long periods without any problem – but, if your head is bent one way, your abdomen is bent another way and your legs are bent yet another way; if you stand crookedly, you cannot stand for long and it will cause pain.

The same way, when thought, word and action are all aligned, there will be no pain. You should say only what you think and do only what you say. Do not be pressured by circumstances, people or society – think and act of your own accord. Once you align yourself that way, all the problems will disappear. The solution is not in physical medicine or anything like that; it is actually your mental state.
Service Updates
Canadian Newsletter October Edition 2019
The Canadian youth offer their prayerful Pranams to their loving Lord. The youth of Alberta conducted their first Values-based Workshop in College Campuses. It was an enlightening experience for them to share their knowledge that was bestowed upon them by the Lord Himself.
Homeless service was carried out in the usual manner and the joy on the faces of the needy was unexplainable.
Seva Activity by Youth in
Fremont, California
Full of excitement, the youth and children got together for the monthly homeless feeding Seva on the third Sunday of October. A total of 158 sandwiches were prepared to make a small difference to the homeless people of Oakland, California.
The sandwiches were served across three different homeless shelters in Oakland. Each meal consisted of a vegetable or peanut butter-jelly sandwich, a banana and a juice packet.
Seva in Huntsville, Alabama
October 10, 2019
There are two inspirational sayings displayed on the walls of the Huntsville Dream Center. One refers to being in the moment; the other refers to the endless nature of time. Bhagawan has referred to both concepts in His instructions to all. In His Ceiling on Desires teaching, He urges everyone to not waste time because “time waste is life waste” and also because human birth is a precious gift from Bhagawan Himself.
Feed the Need Seva in Houston
For their monthly offering of Seva to their beloved Bhagawan , the young adults in Houston gathered once again on the fourth Sunday of the month. The Seva consisted of preparation and distribution of meals to their fellow brothers and sisters in need, living in downtrodden areas of the city. The group of seven youth prepared 108 lunch bags – each consisting of mayo-pickle-tofurkey (vegetarian tofu) sandwiches and crackers.
The Raramuri Coordinator Of
The Cerro Grande Community
“Yolanda is the one who has gotten things done. The people go to her. This situation is very hard for her, but she does it because she is selfless. She has a beautiful heart, a heart to serve”; said Saulo, pastor of the church “La Gran Victoria” (the great victory) in the Vistas Cerro Grande Community, about Yolanda and her labor with her Raramuri brothers. I come from Norogachi and my community in the Tarahumara Chihuahua Sierra...
I am very grateful to you for coming here and serving the neighbors, because I know that they need it. We have not had any help like this before – serving meals. I am very happy because I know that this is a great blessing from God, bringing you here! You are giving us a lot of help.