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January 2021
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Youth Group: Wednesday night from 6:00-7:15
*Please note: we will return to youth group on January 13th, 2021*

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Hello Everyone!

Here’s your info for January!

Watching The Covid-19 Surge

RSM is cautiously returning to in-person youth group on January 13th. We won’t be doing meals or extra events until, at least, February. It is being reported that the current Covid-19 surge is at an all time high. A doctor I consult with regarding virus policy for our youth ministry told me that it is especially important to be cautious over the next month or so. He mentioned that 8 of the 10 doctors in his practice are out sick with the virus. We will be watching the schools and will likely follow their lead as the situation progresses. We’ll keep you posted if anything changes.

Important Dates

1/06- First youth group back (ONLINE ONLY)
1/07- Student leadership starts back
1/10- Small groups start up this week
1/13- In-person youth group resumes

Youth Group Time Change

Last Fall RSM’s Wednesday meetings started at 6:30 with the option to come earlier to hang out. We’ve tried to work that out a few ways and found that there were some trade offs. After some discussion with volunteers and students there is some interest in making our official start time for in-person students 6:00 starting with games and snacks for a while and then moving into the Word and worship. Families who have a hard time arriving that early could still be late without missing the “meat” of youth group.

We’re looking for feedback from families on this. Please shoot Tim an email to let us know how this affects your family.

Let's hear it for our January birthdays! We're so happy to celebrate with you!
1/04-Tim Smith
1/20-Ginny Driscoll
1/27-Regan Hardage
1/30-Sarah Drew
1/31-Kara Gavin