Join us for youth group this week to discuss upcoming fun-filled action and topics! With great power comes great responsibility and you, the youth, have that!

Are you stressed? Check out the article below on stress and teenagers (and parents).

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday for youth group!
Youth Group Exploration!
Come this week as we explore new ideas for youth group at our regular time, 4:30 to 6:30. We will have regular programming along with games and you will help decide the fun to be had!
Pumpkin Chunkin'!
November 4, we will go Pumpkin Chunkin! at Great Country Farms! This annual event is always fun-filled and who doesn't like smashing pumpkins?

Heading Here
It is no secret that we are all stressed out. By “we,” I mean parents, teens, and just about everyone.  We hear again this week from Psychology Today about teenage stress. If you are a teenager, do you think these psychologists have it right? If you are a parent, there are some practical ideas. Perhaps this week teens and parents should have a check-in to talk about the article for a couple of minutes and what seems obvious to you, might not be obvious to you the parent and/or teen. 
High School Retreat!
The Brotherhood of St. Andrew heads to Shrine Mont this weekend and they are ready for the High School Retreat on November 2-4! This opportunity connects our youth to the larger church and introduces us to the wonderful Episcopal Retreat Center, in the western part of the state. Financial assistance is available through the Diocese and St. David's. Email Fr. Will with questions.

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