Weekly Programming

Middle School

Sunday Gathering | 9:30-10:15am | start in service

March 3, 10, 17, 24

Basic @ Wednesdays at West Side | 6-7:30pm

March 6, 13, 20, 27

Open Door | Thursdays 3:30-5pm | HS Room

March 7, 14, 21

HIgh School

MERGE | 4-6pm | @ Richland Lutheran

March 3, 10, 17, 24

Alpha Youth | Wednesdays 6-7:30pm | HS Room

March 6, 13, 20, 27

Open Door | Thursdays 3:30-5pm | HS Room

March 7, 14, 21

Mark Your Calendars

Brush With Bob

MERGE | 3/24 | 4-6pm

@ Richland Lutheran

Join us for a fun night of painting as we follow along with Bob Ross. We'll paint, snack, grow and remind ourselves that "There are no mistakes, just happy accidents."

Spy Night

Basic | 3/27 | 5:15-7:30pm

Pizza Provided

Join us for our annual Spy Night! We're competing to see who can take home the crown of best spy! Compete in group challenges like the always daunting laser field. But also try individual missions like covertly following a target and making money drops. This is a night you won't want to miss!

Holy Week

3/24 - 3/29

Services for Everyone

Join us as a church family as we observe Holy Week. Starting with Palm Sunday on 3/24, we will then gather on Thursday, 3/28 for Maundy Thursday at 7pm, then Friday, 3/29 for Good Friday at 7pm. Then we'll gather at the river at 6:30am for our Easter Sunrise service before coming to church for our contemporary and traditional Resurrection Sunday services at 9 & 11.

Deputation 2024

We are pleased to announce this year's mission experience. This trip will be unlike anything we've ever done before for Deputation. To find out more and to get a copy of the application, you can visit the youth page of the website by clicking the link below:

Visit our Website

What We're Teaching

The Story of the Bible | @ Middle School Sunday Morning Gathering

Since the fall, we've been going through the story of the bible. We believe that helping students understand the narrative flow of the bible and helping them to realize they have a place in that story today will help them to better make their faith their own.

The Big Questions - A 4 week series diving into our biggest questions about life and faith | @ MERGE

This curriculum uses research from Fuller Youth Institute, which revealed huge opportunities for the church to walk with a generation as they ask "Who am I?, "Where do I fit in?", and "Do I matter?". This series will spark new discipleship conversations as teens discover Jesus-centered answers to their biggest questions of identity, belonging, and purpose.

Plot Twist - A 6 week series in preparation for Easter | @ Basic

A good plot twist can keep us entertained, but it can do a lot more than that, too. A good plot twist can make us rethink everything we thought we knew, see things in a brad new light, and get excited about what might happen next. That's never more true than in the most surprising and significant plot twist in history -- Jesus' death and resurrection. In this six-week series, we'll learn that when life takes unexpected turns, God gives us help. And even when we've messed up or are ready to give up, Jesus never turns away from us, but gives us life, gives us hope, is with us, and gives us another chance.

Youth Ministry Updates

We need your help. We are actively recruiting new leaders to come alongside us as we disciple the teens at West Side. If you're interested, please reach out to Ben. You can email him by clicking the button below.

Email Ben

For all high school parents, we are hoping to restart our Sunday Morning Gathering for high school students soon. But we cannot do it without volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, please reach out to Ben. You can email him by clicking the button above.

Resource of the Month

How to stop languishing and start finding flow

Stop Languishing

Languishing. It's a feeling we've all experienced, even if we've never assigned it this title. It's the feeling of joylessness, doom-scrolling, and generally living day-to-day uninspired. Organizational psychologist Adam Grant has some helpful, video game-based research that might just help us to find a way out of our languishing.