Youth N.O.W.'s TEN Year Celebration!
We were overjoyed to see our community come together last week in celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary! For 10 years, Youth N.O.W. has remained no cost to provide the academic, social and emotional learning support to youth in South County. We believe by creating a safe, nurturing environment, focusing on a foundation of social emotional learning including trust, mentorship and developing the strengths and interests of individual students, we develop the self-confidence and self-efficacy youth need to be successful personally and academically. Thank you to all for being a part of this incredible journey, we're looking forward to the next 10 years!
David "Dave" Grazian
Founder of Youth N.O.W.
Youth N.O.W. is my effort to help the students in Watsonville make good choices and be prepared for a successful life after high school. To summarize it, what we aim to do is help students, on an individualized basis, arrive to adulthood on a positive path ready for the responsibilities of adulthood. We aim to develop the person as a whole. Success in their future improves with the ability to relate to others, develop some leadership assets and master academics. Our students discover their talents and build frames of reference for their future through a multitude of experiences we provide. To help students explore their potential, we expose them to a variety of enrichment activities, and take them on field trips to places they may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience. Family members have told us their home life has changed as a result of their child getting help with homework and academics before coming home for the evening. The student is less stressed and in a better state of mind. So much of our values revolve around relationships. Whether between organizations, individuals, and community at-large. Also striving to be the best we can be in many different ways, such as the work we do and in our conduct. Thank you to all for an amazing 10 years!
A few words from two of our wonderful volunteers:
"I first visited Youth N.O.W. five years back. I could see right away that for students who come there, Youth N.O.W. represents an island of tranquility in the midst of a hyperactive world. I could also sense the commitment and passion of the Youth N.O.W. staff, for whom the role was not a job but an act of love. I signed up to be a volunteer immediately."
- Vijay Iyer
"When I first came to Youth N.O.W., I was new to tutoring myself. It was wonderful to see that the staff truly cared and wanted to help the children however they could. It was also very heartening to see that the kids that came were very self motivated and were very attentive and appreciative of my efforts to help them. All of this is still true, and that is what keeps bringing me back here." - Shaila Iyer
A special THANK YOU to all who contributed to this event! 
Thank you to the Pajaro Valley Chamber of Commerce for hosting our celebration, to Imura Japanese Restaurant for sponsorship, to Mom & Pop's PhotoShop for the photo booth fun, to Ana Guzman for the delicious cake, to Dig Gardens for the succulents, to Reiter Affiliated Companies for the berries, and to Berrylicious Creations for the chocolate dipped strawberries. 
High School Learning Center 
Youth N.O.W.'s high school Learning Center started the semester with a bang! Students, both old and new, came in on the first day of program ready to get to work. Colorful streamers, a huge “welcome back” poster, and a warm lunch welcomed them at the door. With help from our community volunteers and our amazing Service Learner Student Leader Dulce, our students were also welcomed with tutors ready to help them maintain their grades! A CSUMB student herself, Dulce recruits our awesome CSUMB tutors that help Youth N.O.W. students at the high school and middle school site. We are so grateful for our supporters like Dulce who spread Youth N.O.W.’s mission of engaging youth in a nurturing community with others to help make our vision become a reality!
What students have to say:
"I like Youth N.O.W. because I get to work with tutors that help me.”
- Guadalupe M., 10th grade
“I like coming to Youth N.O.W. because I can get the help I need to understand the things that I can’t understand in class."
- Jesus A., 12th grade
“I love coming to Youth N.O.W. because I get all my lost brain cells that I lost in math class and gain them back over here.”
- Stephanie V., 10th grade
Students of the Month:
Bianka Nuñez-Delgado
Linscott Charter School
6th Grade

Bianka has been selected as our Student of the Month! She is being recognized for her constant effort in the Learning Center, recreation, and enrichment. Bianka challenges herself during homework time and asks for help and clarification when she needs it. When a new activity is introduced during enrichment and recreation, she is always willing to try it out multiple times before deciding it is not for her. Bianka never forgets to greet the Youth N.O.W. staff and ask them how their day is going. She also shows compassion for her peers and always makes sure nobody is sitting alone. These are behaviors we admire at Youth N.O.W. At Youth N.O.W. we are extremely proud to honor Bianka as our Student of the Month for March!
Lilah Cordova
Watsonville High School
10th Grade

Lilah has been selected as our Student of the Month! Lilah has been with Youth N.O.W. for only a short period of time, but has already completed so much! Previously from Pajaro Valley High School, Lilah did not have the easiest time transitioning to a new school last semester. Her commitment to her education and to making herself feel like she belonged led her to join Youth N.O.W. in January. Since then, Lilah has been in the Learning Center every day working on her assignments and mingling with friends. Lilah races with other students to be the first to arrive and walks in with a big smile. She is a great listener and being the friendly person she is she'll always ask about your day. She also has great taste in music that gets everyone singing along. So far, clocking in an outstanding 50 hours this year—Lilah takes full advantage of the resources Youth N.O.W. has to offer. She is a joy to have at Youth N.O.W., and we are eager to see what the future holds for her. Youth N.O.W is proud to honor Lilah as our Student of the Month for March!
Upcoming Events:
Guitar Lessons
Every Wednesday from
2-4 p.m. at HS site
4:30-5:30 p.m. at MS site
Cooking Class
Every Thursday from
3-4 p.m. at HS site
Creative Writing
Every Thursday from
4-5 p.m. at HS site
Bike Ride
Wednesday, February 18th
from 3-5 p.m.
Family Night
In Collaboration with
Santa Cruz Community Credit Union
Thursday, February 19th
from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
High School Social
Game Night
Thursday, February 19th
from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Spring Break
Program CLOSED
March 30th - April 3rd
Global Youth Service Day:
In collaboration with YouthSERVE
Thursday, April 16th from 4-6 p.m.
at the Watsonville Public Library
Thank you to our newest partners Reiter Affiliated Companies, we are so thankful for their generous support! We look forward to developing our partnership to continue investing in the lives of our local youth and their families.