July 30, 2020
A Note from Kimmy
Youth and Parents,

As August looms just around the corner, we prepare to enter a new season of life. For some, this new season means a return to work or school. For others, it means the beginning of a new school year. For others, it means a new home and a new adventure. And for others, it means an empty nest. And I'm sure that list is just the beginning.

Transitions are somehow both exciting and hard.

I remember as a child being so excited to go school supply shopping because I loved the anticipation and joy of new pencils, notebooks, folders, and, of course, a new (blank) planner. I knew that those supplies would soon be used as I learned new things and embarked on new adventures. And that all important planner would soon be filled with assignments to complete, tests to take, and projects to get done.

And yet, as excited as I was, the start of a new year meant a new class, a new teacher, and, at times, even a new school. There would be times that I would look back and long for the familiarity and comfort of the year prior, afraid of what the year ahead might entail.

It's call these in-between times the messy middle, the space between. It's often a time when we know that what we once had will never be the same again, but where the new picture of what is to be is not yet completely clear.

The messy middle can be painful and hard, even when there is excitement and anticipation about what is still to come. The messy middle can feel lonesome and overwhelming. The messy middle might even like a never-ending wilderness.

But the messy middle is always only a season. And I pray that you will find God's grace and presence in this messy middle and as you enter into the new season ahead.

Blessings to you this week,

Senior Celebration and Sending
Sunday, August 2 at 11:00am
We will be celebrating and sending our seniors as part of worship on Sunday, August 2. Tune in on Facebook to join the celebration!
Sunday School
Sunday, August 2 at Noon
Sunday School continues on Zoom! Join Pam, Jim and me at noon!

Click here to join us!
The Great Summer Olympics of 2020
Happening Now!
It's not too late to join The Great Summer Olympics of 2020! All results, pictures, and videos must be submitted by July 31!

Click here to see a list of games and rules of participation.

There are several updates/changes:
  1. I forgot to include notecards to send to congregation members (oops!). If you want to participate in this service project, email or text me and I will send you an address.
  2. The sandwich making service project has a new option. We have added "snack bags" to the sign-up options, which means all you have to do is purchase and deliver 25 individually packaged snacks to the YMCA. Sign-up here. Send me a picture of your delivery to get your points.

Results, pictures, and videos can be submitted to me by email or text (404-632-9933).

There will be prizes!
Youth 21 Day Challenge
Begins August 1
In July, we invited the church to participate in a 21 Day Challenge centering around anti-racism. Now, that challenge is being brought to our youth.

We will be using the 21-Day Youth, Faith, Race & Moore resource. It is a mixture of media helping educate and empower to act on Racial Equity. These resources are more youth specific and help educate us on the Church's role in bringing about equity and justice.

The challenge is simple, for 21 days read, listen, watch and learn about the history of racism and its continuing impact on our world. There are more than 21 resources available, so pick and choose what is interesting to you All resources can be found here.

If you can't do something everyday, that's okay. If you have questions, that's okay. This is simply an invitation to join a conversation about an important and challenging topic in today's world.

While these resources are curated for a youth audience, there is still language that might not be comfortable for everyone. I highly suggest engaging in these resources as a family.

Three questions I would invite you to reflect on as you read, watch or listen:
  1. What is this saying?
  2. How is this challenging me?
  3. How should I respond?

Then, on Friday, August 21, we will gather on Zoom for a time of reflection and sharing.

It is my hope to empower all our students to be educated and engaged as they prepare for the school year ahead.
Contacting Kimmy

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