Volume X | July 27, 2018
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Come, come, whoever you are—you are welcome here!
No matter your age, your size, the color of your eyes, your hair, your skin—
you are welcome here!
No matter how you came here, if you came alone, or with others—
you are welcome here!
No matter whom you love, or how you speak, or whatever your abilities—
you are welcome here!
Whether you come with laughter in your heart, or tears in your eyes—
you are welcome here!
If you come here with an open mind, a loving heart, and willing hands,
then you are indeed welcome here!
by Melanie Morel-Ensminger
July 29 - Service for All Ages
To finish off the theme of Joy for the month of July, Steve Cooper will be leading the all ages service on July 29th at 10:00 a.m..
The service is about how we can both enjoy the world we live in and improve it.
There will be special sing-a-long music by Jim Wharton and a beautiful song performed by Justin and Ellie Hobbs.
Summer Youth Religious Education
Starting August 5th everyone starts in the sanctuary for the worship service. On days with religious education classes the children will leave after the Gathering Time in the service with their teachers and go to the Sophia Fahs (middle, lower level) classroom.

Our theme for August is Welcome and the weekly topics will be:
August 5 - The Meaning of Welcome
August 12 - Welcoming the Hard Times
August 19 - Welcoming Diversity
August 26 - Ingathering (service for all ages, no classes)

Each week we will provide parent and family resources relating to the theme and/or topic. (see below for more resources on Welcome)
Campfire - Tie-Dye - Potluck
Sing-a-long - Conversation - S'mores!
Save the Date
Saturday, September 8th
5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
in the church parking lot.
Everyone is invited to attend
Please join us this fall as we kick off the DUUC Children's Choir! The Children's Choir is open to all kids, age K and up. No singing or music experience required, songs will be simple, fun and easy to learn under the direction of our Children's Choir Director, Martha Capo. Rehearsals will be minimal and be held in the month prior to the service the choir is singing in, and won't conflict with the YUUth Ensemble if the children want to do both.
The Children's Choir will sing in both services on 10/21/18, 2/3/19, and 4/7/19.   
You do not need to commit to all three dates, come to one, two or all three. If your kids are interested in joining or if you have questions, please e-mail Jenny Hobbs at jenny.hobbs8@gmail.com to be added to the mailing list. Thank you and happy singing!
Resources for Welcome
These resources support parents as they live out and engage our themes with their children. Playing off our monthly theme question of “What does it mean to be a people of Welcome?”, we invite parents to ask “What does it mean to be a parent of Welcome” or “What does it mean to be a family of Welcome?”

Talk about... times one or another family member may have felt shut out of family activities. Affirm that in a family, people do not always do everything together. Sometimes when someone is excluded, there is a good reason, although you might not know what it is. Make sure children know that if other family members participate in an activity they want to try, they can ask to accompany.

Try... volunteering as "family greeters" at your congregation. Your role will be to greet everyone, while paying particular attention to a new or visiting family. Make a family feel at home by showing them the nursery and RE rooms and explaining routines involving children and youth.

Family Discovery. Share stories about friendship. Ask each family member: Who is your best friend? How did you meet? How were you welcoming to them, or they to you?

by Michelle Richards

A list of welcoming and unwelcoming beliefs from a UU perspective. Helps parents engage their children in the question, Is UUism about believing anything you want?

Helping children welcome the hard times

by Dr. Lisa Miller
Welcoming spirituality to childhood!

Helping our children be more welcoming and intercultural competent.

Welcoming and talking about hard truths.