Greetings, Friends!

Welcome to the first issue of "The Tote Bag," a monthly e-newsletter for Friends interested in youth religious education and supporting families in monthly meetings. You are receiving this because you are subscribed to the PYM Religious Education Thread List or the Youth Programs Thread List.

It's my hope that this will be a place both to share resources and lift up opportunities to build our community of practice among Friends supporting the spiritual lives of children and youth. This first issue is particularly full, and has several opportunities with deadlines. I hope you will forward it to families and others in your meeting who might be interested.

In faith and service,
Melinda Wenner Bradley
Youth Engagement Coordinator
One Quilt, One Yearly Meeting!
One Quilt, One Yearly Meeting   is an opportunity for each meeting community to create a representative quilt square, that will become part of a PYM quilt "skirt" for the clerks' table at Sessions. Has your meeting started work on this community project? We hope to gather finished quilt squares at Spring Continuing Sessions on March 23!

Learn more about the project here , and watch the Community Engagement Team video "Things are getting quilt-y" here !

Photo: Young Friends participate in Annual Sessions 2017. On quilts.
Community Trees:
Pendle Hill "Friendly Forest" Project
Looking for a great project to do with your meeting community's children this winter? Pendle Hill is calling for submissions from K-6 grade artists for group projects on the theme of Community Trees. Similar in concept to the family tree, the invitation is to create together a tree that represents your meeting community. The community tree projects will be exhibited in the Tree Room Gallery in Main House at Pendle Hill, to create a “Friendly Forest!” Submissions by March 1st.

 For m ore information click on flyer, or contact Jesse White, Arts and Spirituality Coordinator, at 
QREC is a grassroots network of Friends holding a sense of stewardship for life-long Quaker faith formation through religious education. We come from all branches of the international Quaker family. We are a community of practice, sharing resources, skills, gifts, questions and insights, and supporting each other in the ministry of Quaker faith formation.
QREC January Conversation Circles: Social Justice and Action Through Quaker Religious Education
As Friends, we are at our best when we live the testimonies fully with faith and courage; when we embrace our faith and practice to advocate for truth, justice and peace. Join this conversation to explore how we, as Quaker religious educators, can prepare young Friends to discern, to act and to lead. 
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Want to learn more?

Resource of the Month: Worship Bowl
Turning the page on a new year, a lesson for children's First Day programs about looking back, looking forward, and being present.
Upcoming Youth Programs!
January 25-27 at Medford Meeting

February 8-10 at Green Street Meeting

Youth Programs at Spring Continuing Sessions on March 23 (Reading area)

Save the date:
April 6 at Princeton Meeting
Let love
(and welcome, inclusion, knowledge, and action)
be the first motion
"Accompaniment on a journey can make an extraordinary difference, whether the journey is physical or spiritual. The times we’re living in certainly feel for some of us like a new path, and for others like a road walked too often.

How can we provide accompaniment and spiritual nurture to children and young people in the days ahead? How can we support their interest in justice and participation in protest? How do we address worries and provide comfort? How do we recognize the Light in everyone — especially those who don’t hold the same views or values — and let love be the first motion?"

Read the full piece here on the PYM website, with links to multicultural book collections and books and resources for young activists.
A beautiful collection of books, centering and celebrating stories about people of color, immigrants, and all kinds of families. Seen at Haddonfield Meeting!
(Photo: Meg Rose)
I still have a question about resources, programs . . . or an idea to share!
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