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The image on the right (one orange ball = an hour) illustrates the average number of hours that children spend in a year with their families, and the hours spent annually in a weekly religious education program. Parents and families are so important to the spiritual nurture of children! How do we support them?

The best form of outreach and support to families is through your local meeting community. We also build our wider PYM Family from the local meetings, and I hope you will join me in encouraging families to explore opportunities for wider fellowship. When my children were young, going to Annual Sessions was an adventure and a time to be with friends they only saw there. Some of those children's parents are among my closest friends today, because our experiences together in PYM community connected us across meetings and distance, to share in the parenting journey.

This issue includes information about upcoming PYM programs for youth and families -- including the April 6 Quaker Family Meetup and Annual Sessions -- and conversation circles on Quaker Parenting later this month from QREC.

In service and joy,

Melinda Wenner Bradley
Youth Engagement Coordinator

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Saturday, April 6 at Princeton Meeting
Upcoming Programs for Youth & Families
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REsource Sharing: Approaches to Easter
A Friend recently emailed to ask about resources for teaching about Easter. Traditionally, Friends did not "keep days" like Christmas or Easter, and today the theological diversity among unprogrammed Friends means that meetings vary widely in how they mark Easter (or not) -- and how we share this story with young people in the meeting. I offer the resources below if this is a topic of discussion in your meeting.*

Katherine Paterson's book, "The Light of the World" is wonderful for younger children, through elementary age. I sometimes read the first part before Christmas, and the second before Easter in a children's program. One of the things I like about the book is that the illustrations depict people accurately for the place and time Jesus lived.

"Holy Week in a Box" uses simple objects tucked into a small box (along with scripture, as led) to tell the story of the week leading to Easter. Children can build the boxes at meeting, and take them home.

For ages 11 and up, the "KidsQuake" website has a wonderful resource inspired by the musical "Godspell." The music is part of a powerpoint presentation and lessons: "An Introduction to the Life of Jesus for Quakers"

* My sense is that children will encounter this story in the world. We can offer them an opportunity to process, wonder, and ask challenging questions in the supportive environment of their meeting community. This article offers insights into conversations with children about the images and story of Easter. Let me know what you think!
QREC is a grassroots network of Friends holding a sense of stewardship for life-long Quaker faith formation through religious education. We come from all branches of the international Quaker family. We are a community of practice, sharing resources, skills, gifts, questions and insights, and supporting each other in the ministry of Quaker faith formation.
April QREC
Conversation Circles
Quaker Parenting:
Supporting parents and other caregivers on the spiritual journey of child-rearing  

Explore how a uniquely Quaker approach to childrearing can help Friends frame parenting as part of their Quaker spiritual journey. At the heart of the Quaker Parenting Initiative (QPI) approach is a query-based method for sorting out parenting challenges by operationalizing one’s deepest hopes and convictions. Learn how QPI supports families and nurtures growth that is vital to the future of Quakerism.  

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UPDATE: The dates for the 2019 Quaker RE Collaborative annual gathering have CHANGED to
August 9-11, 2019, still at Powell House in New York.
Registration opens April 15!

PYM has funding for ten partial scholarships toward the cost of registration. If you are interested in this support to attend, please be in touch with me!
Annual Sessions!
July 24-28
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