The Spark! and FIRE groups are collecting bottle caps to be recycled into a new 8ft ADA picnic table for our patio. This will take A LOT of caps, so we're looking for your help.
Please start saving your bottle caps (check the list below). You can start bringing in your caps March 8th.

FAVORITE CAPS: Small caps from food grade containers, household items. 
Snap-on: butter tub, coffee can, yogurt lids, 
Small Twist-off: medicine, drink bottle, milk caps 
Large Twist: detergent
Spout: squirt condiment caps
Flip top: Ketchup etc. 

NOT ACCEPTABLE CAPS: Any cap with pumps with metal spring inside - as on lotions 
No fast-food drink caps
No lid or cap over 8" in diameter
No Medical Supplies.