On Thursday, October 4th between 9am - noon, the large chiller that has been sitting out front of the library will make it's way to the rooftop.

We will have a HUGE crane onsite that morning to perform this work. The old chiller weighing in at over 10,000lbs will come off the roof, and the new chiller weighting in at over 8,000lbs will go up!

During this time part of the parking lot will be closed. As a safety measure parts of the building will be vacated during the time that the equipment is in the air.

The actual lifts will take place around 10 am and everything should be completed by noon. Parking lot access may be blocked for chunks of time between 9 am - noon.

The front street steps are not 100% complete, but they will be open during this time to help with access to the building.

Andrea Ingmire
Library Director