Unleashing Youth for Christ and the Church!
Denominational Partnership
Christian Endeavor is launching into an exciting year-long partnership with the Evangelical Congregational denomination. A pilot group of 10 churches will be working with C.E. to receive intentional discipleship training and more deeply empower the next generation for Christ and the church!
Fall Ministry Kits
At the end of August, ministry kits are being sent out to C.E.'s partner churches. These kits are designed to encourage youth workers and young people connecting with C.E. They are filled with a number of new C.E. resources, as well as materials from partner organizations like Lancaster Bible College, PrayforMe, #HowtoLife Movement, Soul Exercises and others. Pray that these kits equip ministries to focus more deeply on intentional discipleship during the coming year.
During the last month pastors from both Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire have joined the C.E. Africa regional network to grow in better understanding Christian Endeavor. Conversations have also been occurring with two ministry leaders in Bangladesh about equipping 170 churches in the C.E. process. 
New Podcast Episode!
Many of the familiar aspects of NextGen ministry have been put on hold or removed because of COVID-19. Dr. Dave Rahn, Sr. VP for Ministry at Youth for Christ, joins the podcast to consider how this might be a season where "new wine skins" and courageous questions are needed to impact the next generation moving forward.
Mission Weeks @Home
With lots of summer camps having to cancel things for this summer, we were determined to find an alternative solution to offer churches a version of Mission Weeks without having to worry about accommodations and travel to other places. Though we greatly missed both Oak Hill and New Castle, we were so encouraged by what was accomplished. Across two weeks, we had almost 100 participants go into their own communities and help neighbors, ministries, and family members. Some of our groups partnered with inner city ministries to help fix up facilities (Chosen 300 in Philadelphia, Inter-Faith Housing Alliance, and Bike and Sol to name a few), some extended helping hands to other summer camps that had to cancel their activities (Gretna Glen and Rosedale Camp among them), and others sought out members of the community and church congregations that were in need of assistance with projects around their homes. We were so blessed to have the opportunity to provide an alternative for Mission Weeks this year, and we cannot wait to see everyone in person next summer!
We received a huge outpouring of support during our summer financial appeal...THANK YOU!!
It helps us recognize that people are behind what God is doing and are willing to invest in a Kingdom building ministry.
Celebrating Colleen Ossman’s
15 Year Anniversary Working for C.E.
by Dolly Adams
by Ruth Chantelau
by Wayne & Jill Davidson
by Gail & Doc DiMarzio
by Emily Gaskill
by Frank & Nancy Kremm
by Ronald Ludwick
by Judy Menszak
by Sadie Stehr
by Myron & Lois Weber

In memory of Lynne D’Angelo
by Woody & Marge Zimmerman

In memory of George L Brown, State C.E. President 1960-62
by Gloria (Brown) McElwee
Youth Today - Issue 5, August 2020