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Disciples Student Ministries
Disciples Student Ministries is dedicated to raising up lifelong followers of Christ and equipping them with the knowledge and practice to understand the message of the gospel and be confident to speak it into the lives of others.

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January Preview
Youth Group: Sunday's 6-8pm

Hebrews: Jesus is better 
1/20-Jesus is better than Moses 
Jesus is better, thats the theme for the book of Hebrews and this week we will see that Jesus is better than Moses because he made good on the promise of rest, Moses never made it to the promise land rest but Jesus has brought us into the rest that is a relationship with him and a future hope in him and because of that, he's better than Moses. 

1/27-Jesus is better than the priests 
This week we see that Jesus is our great High Priest and he's better than any priest before now because he can identify with us but he also has no sin himself. Jesus has saved us once and for all, and because of that, he is better than any other priest.

Sunday Morning 

Middle School is continuing to meet in the Chapman basement during 1st service!



Coming Events
Winter Blast  (High School) 
$99 (early price) 
Winter Blast is a winter retreat filled with games, great food, friends, hiking, worship, and teaching!
Meet at BPBC on Feb 22nd at 4pm. We will be back at the church on Feb 24th by 3:00pm

Must fill out both. 

Dates to Remember 

Winter Blast  
February 22-24

Tadmor Work Weekend
March 22-24 

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