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Vol. 7, Issue 4 (July 24/14)
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Ontario's Youth Jobs Strategy has given job opportunities to 20,000 youth over the past year

attractive-young-couple.jpg In an effort to reduce high youth unemployment rates in the province, Ontario launched the Youth Jobs Strategy last year. The strategy, which has helped 20,000 young workers since last year includes the Youth Employment Fund (which gives employers funding to hire a student for four to six months), as well as a youth entrepreneurship fund, a youth innovation fund and the Youth Skills Connection fund.
Bank of Canada's Business Outlook Survey for Summer 2014 released   
flying-business-man-sm.jpg The Bank of Canada's quarterly Business Outlook found some encouraging signs for economic outlook, but are being cautious in their investment and hiring plans.

The outlook of businesses has not changed materially from the spring survey. While responses suggest a more modest improvement in past sales activity, expectations for future sales growth remain positive, and there are indications that business sentiment regarding exports is
gradually firming.

Read the report here. 

A business mentoring success story


Thanks to Skype, webinars, and work-from-home initiatives, many organizations can employ the people they want instead of the people who are available to them in the organization's area.

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