May 19th-26th
Seriously check it out. There is so much fun stuff.
Really nice zoom this past Sunday with some faces we have been MISSING! It's not what we wish we were doing but we have been making it as fun as we can and it was so nice to chat, pray, play games and hear from you. Tonight, Thursday and Sunday we have ways to connect.
ZOOM LINKS for the week with details about what we will be doing during them below

Tonight, Tuesday, May 19th a 6pm-

Thursday Teen BootCamp 3-3:30pm-

Sunday Youth Group

Tonight, Tuesday May 19th at 6pm-7pm-

We will be doing TEAM games. Brains- (riddles, collaboration etc), Brawn (Strength moving around things) and Bible (funny and serious Bible quiz stuff). We will split into two teams and winner takes all! A prize to be decided by the group.
Join us! Link at top of email.
Thursday, May 21st at 3pm-3:30pm.

Lots of you have been working out online/ finding videos/doing stuff on your own. If it’s working for you, keep it up! Since I’ve been leading grown up Bootcamp at home and some of you are doing those printed workouts and some of you asked if I’d do a class not at 8:30am for teens, figured we’d try it! So Thursday, 3pm on zoom and Instagram live-just 30 mins of movement- not because you’re not already wonderful, adored and valuable, because you are, but movement helps our heart and head and body so, thought we’d give it a shot together. It may be awesome and it may be awkward but we won’t know unless we try it! No matter your fitness level you can do it. There will be varying levels of things to do. You can have your zoom screen on or off, whatever you’re most comfortable with. Link at top of email.
Sunday Night Youth group at 5pm for JH a
6pm for HS
...sitting in our individual computer circles at home. One day, a huge circle together again! Link at top of email.

Our Senior Class has had QUITE the end to their senior year. We love them and want to celebrate them in some of the ways as usual and some new ways too!

The class will still have their yearbook and video and will be posted and watched together the first week of June.

That means we NEED YOUR SENIOR Baby Pictures from parents ASAP if you haven't already. Don't worry about 6th-12th grade pictures. Lisa's got a boat load of those!

Please write letters and notes (addresses in the letter writing campaign list below) to our seniors and mail them to their homes.

June 7th- A virtual Drive by grad parade! We will meet in the CPUMC parking lot with signs and gifts and enthusiasm and do a drive by parade of some of our seniors homes. It will be late afternoon, after Lisa coordinated with Senior families, but please mark this afternoon on your calendar so we can celebrate our seniors.

Did you sign up and make a deposit for camp/ mission trip this summer? Please click on the link below to share with us how to refund or donate your deposit.
Can't even write this without crying. As you know, we are grieved that our trips can't take place but we know it is the only option and the thing to do to best love our neighbors and protect ourselves. We know many of you paid a deposit or in full. 

We have three options for you for your refund.

1. A refund in full for whatever you paid.
2. A refund in part for whatever you decide. Whatever you need/want back, we are able and happy to send you a check. If you'd like to donate a portion of that to the JYM to continue to pay staff salaries and fund events when they can happen, we can do a partial refund as well as donation receipt for the portion donated
3. Donate it all back to the JYM.

Every family who paid, please click on this link below

Every mile count for walking and running. Log them!
Every 3 miles of skating or biking counts for 1. Log them!
We need all hands on deck if we are going to get anywhere close to our goal in the next 11 days!

Walk. Run. Bike- 6,320 miles in the month of May. EVERYONE. Parents, friends, family, church members, JYM teens and siblings. All of you log on the same form.

1st- KEEP LOGGING YOUR MILES! Im so stoked so many of you have done this with us.

2nd- Please add your updated contact info to our directory-

3rd- Please email or text Lisa a picture of you and your degree if you are graduating with your JC, 4 year, Masters or PHD this Class of 2020 Covid year. We'd like to honor your achievements

(parents if you read this and your alumni don't anymore, please pass along to them or send my way yourself)
Mail Challenge
We have over 100 people in our churches and JYM family of leaders and students who would love to have their day brightened by a piece of mail from YOU! Art, note, crafted something/anything. Log who you wrote to and receive 1 point for every letter you send and 1 hour of community service/scholarship hour for every 5 letters sent. So far....Paige U is in lead with a couple others on her tail. I can't tell you how incredibly happy people have been to get letters. It truly makes their day.
People have taken everything at different points so anything extra you have would be great, but the items that have gone the quickest are

Toilet Paper
Paper towels
Hand sanitizer
Zip lock bags
Masks (but I have more coming)
Kids books/coloring books
Pasta, pasta sauce
Canned beans, vegetables
Snack items.
Starbucks gift cards
Board games
Ryans's giving shelf
On Mothers Day Ryan and I built this and put it in our front yard. From 7am-9pm every day it gets emptied and filled. Sometime Ryan and I buy stuff for it, and lots of times neighbors, BootCamp friends and JYM people have stopped by and taken what they've needed and left items also. If you want to pop on buy and take things or leave things, we'd love that. It's been fun to see Ryan grow in empathy for our neighbors and their needs and things have been empty often. My address is in the letter writing link
I read our theme scripture to our HS youth group students on Sunday (after reading the wrong one first). Its the theme scripture I picked out when I was 22 starting the JYM. So much of ministry has looked the same with the same traditions and events for the last 18 years until this blip in the road and we pivoted to online everything. I cant wait to get back together but I also trust that God can and will move in students lives in the midst of this different time. The prayer has always been that they are deeply rooted in love and faith and that they understand how much God cares for them, and Shelter in Place doesn't make Gods presence in nature, relationships and our hearts any different. I leave you with a lot of missing you and this hopeful scripture and prayer today.

  "I ask the Father in his great glory to give you the power to be strong inwardly through his Spirit. I pray that Christ will live in your hearts by faith and that your life will be strong in love and be built on love. And I pray that you and all God's holy people will have the power to understand the greatness of Christ's love—how wide and how long and how high and how deep that love is. Christ's love is greater than anyone can ever know, but I pray that you will be able to know that love. Then you can be filled with the fullness of God."    Ephesians 3:16-19

Lisa Jacobs
Joint Youth Ministry Director