January 2019
Thank you all for making our 2018 a special year: We genuinely appreciate all your support!
Nearly There; YouthZone's Capital Campaign
We purchased a new building last spring and began an endeavor that is historic for our youth in the valley. We initiated a capital campaign in June and to date we have raised nearly $1.4 mil which is very close to reaching our capital campaign goal of $1.7 million. This home will provide YouthZone with a much-needed new office space. YouthZone’s space will:

●        Ensure that 1,000+ youth and their families have access to excellent resources to deal with a variety of conflicts;
●        Provide YouthZone with a permanent, flexible, and community-oriented location centrally located in the Roaring Fork Valley; and
●        Transform how our communities respond to and support our youth so that they can thrive.

As the only organization in the Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleys that intervenes with youth in the juvenile justice system, we are ideally suited to carry out the life-changing work of shepherding our youth to success. We thank all of our donors and welcome new donors to help us close the final gap.
The remodel is nearing completion and we are making the historic move on March 1st.

To help us reach our final goal, please visit our Capital Campaign donation page listed below...

Restorative Justice Update
YouthZone is excited to share the news that we have hired Karen Barbee as our new Restorative Justice Program Coordinator.

Karen is a familiar face to YouthZone; she has been a long time Restorative Justice facilitator, volunteer and trainer for our program. Karen is a certified Nonviolent Communication’s trainer, a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming, a certified Life coach and Social/Emotional coach, long time public education teacher and has developed restorative systems for schools in Colorado. 

Karen is excited for the opportunities that are ahead of her and looks forward to engaging with our partner agencies, referral sources, volunteers and families.  

If you have questions about our Restorative Justice Program please email  rj@youthzone.com  or call 970-945-9300 .  
Another YouthZone Success Story
One of our highly skilled case managers, Chris Perry, met a young man for a court assessment. The YouthZone client was required to meet with Chris over a possession charge, during which, it came out the client had suicidal thoughts and threats. After digging in, bullying has been a huge part of his story, he’s changed schools twice because of it.

YouthZone helped him make plans to connect him with the community, get in to counseling, and write a safety plan. Chris checked in regularly, which his client was hesitant to, but ended up trusting in YouthZone.

Since then, his demeanor has drastically changed. He continues to volunteer with kids, despite finishing his court requirements, he would like to be a part of a bullying task force, if YouthZone were to establish programming.

Up until his time with YouthZone, he's never felt heard – by his parents, schools, or anybody – until he was in YouthZone and switched schools.
Coming Soon; A New Look For YouthZone
It's been over two decades that YouthZone has proudly worn our current logo, but with time; growth. As we prepare for our biggest step in YouthZone history, putting the final touches on renovations for a space that will last generations, our leadership believed that we also have an opportunity to breathe new life into our brand.

Coming in late February, YouthZone will officially reveal it's new look!
To be one of the first to see the new design, be sure to pick up...
The Post Independent, Citizen Telegram, or Aspen Times