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Solving enigmas
Researchers chase biological enigmas. Why? How? Which? Could I make that happen? What if that wasn’t there? What if that was there? Although disciplined research is framed by testable hypotheses, experimental motivation is often driven by our desire to solve mysteries.
Disease modelling research is no different. While building the models is fun and challenging, it is the enigmas that the models answer that are the real purpose.
Bring your models to ZDM12 in Boston (15-18/July), but even more excitingly, bring your enigmas and their solutions.
Not that Boston is lacking in enigmas. One enormous one is virtually co-located with ZDM12, and links the Netherlands of ZDM11 with the Boston of ZDM12. Like Antoine van Leeuwenhoek (microscopy pioneer, see the last ZDMS Newsletter), Johannes Vermeer is also buried in the Oude Kerk at Delft. Somewhere – they’re not quite sure where.

In the greatest art theft ever, Vermeer’s painting “ The Concert ” was stolen in 1990 from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston’s Fenway, a crime that remains tantalizing unsolved. The painting’s whereabouts, or even whether it still exists, is an enigma.
If you need inspiration to think about really big enigmas that need solving in your research, pop down to the museum during ZDM12 (during a break, of course) and stare at the framed blank spot on the wall. It’s barely a block away.
See you there.
Graham Lieschke
Zebrafish Disease Models Society